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Mumbai Metro announces the country’s first online ticketing app, Ongo, with operations to start mid-August.

Pre-boarding systems are to be improved according to the union railway minister, Suresh Prabhu’s revival plan. Long queues waiting for tickets are soon to be abolished and replaced by an easy-to-use digital counterpart.

“The new feature, the only one of its kind in the country, will add to the overall Metro experience of the commuters. We will endeavour to introduce even more customer-centric benefits in future,” reported a Mumbai Metro One spokesperson to IANS.

In addition to train tickets, the app also allows users to pay for taxis and other transportation services.

Post-purchase, users will be provided with QR codes that can be shown at the AFC gates to enter, making getting on the train as easy as getting off it. The app also allows users to purchase tickets 1 week in advance.

Commuters can also opt to buy tickets from the payment partners’ apps.

The move comes following numerous efforts by the government, headed by PM Modi to improve the service for the 23 million daily commuters.

Most recent of those efforts was the launching of the Ayodhya-Rameswaram express train, others included using cleaner energy to power the trains, signing on plans for the country’s first bullet train and efforts to address the inexcusable state of food offered on the trains and in the stations.

We look forward to hearing news about the app reaching other cities and railway services.


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