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naranya*LABS, the leading global mobile commerce startup accelerator, has chosen the startups that will participate in their acceleration program.  After receiving over 100 applicants, naranya*LABS, part of Naranya, the biggest mobile commerce company in Latin America, has narrowed down the list to 9 startups, who come from Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and Guatemala.  The participants will move to Monterrey, Mexico, where they will complete the four month acceleration process.

“This year brought diversity in location and technology,” said Arturo Galván, Founder and CEO of Naranya and General partner of naranya*VENTURES. “We are thrilled at the quality and amount of applicants, so paring down the list was incredibly difficult for us.  We are confident that the startups we have chosen will surely make their mark on the global mobile landscape.”

The startups chosen are as follows:

All Shoppings: A Buenos Aires-based mobile app that collects information about brands, shops and malls and gives you information, promotions, and exclusive deals to your favorite shopping spots.

Ayalo: Founded in Guatemala, this mobile classifieds service helps mobile users market their goods and find jobs and products efficiently from their smart or not-so-smart phones.

BúsquedaFácil: A Chilean-based mobile app that helps consumers book reliable and pre-approved service professionals.

Espiral: A Mexican company focused on converting smartphones and tablets into payment terminals in Latin America.

MeroArte: Started in Argentina, MeroArte is an art marketplace designed for buying and selling original and affordable artworks in Latin America.

Moneypool: Crowdfunding simplified: this Mexican startup offers the easiest way to raise money from your friends.

Roupologia: A Brazil-based on-demand professional stylist marketplace in which users can share their looks with well-known stylists and receive instant feedback, personal shopping help and more.

TicketHoy: Based in Argentina and Chile, TicketHoy provides the easiest way to buy music, events and theater show tickets for tonight, complete with last-minute discounts.

Woo-Hoo: A Mexican-based education company that creates interactive learning experiences to foster productive entertainment and encourage creativity for the child in everyone.


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