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[ This article has been contributed by Tejash D. Mehta, our Community Builder from Ahmedabad]

When the our nation is crippled with some very serious issues like policy paralysis, corruption , natural calamities , malnutrition , rising inflation and what not there are some serious guys who are on their way to change the course of the history.

Internet industry in general is well known for flashy and glamorous ecommerce websites and multi million dollars deals , Venture Capital etc ; these guys are up to a great task which is to educate voters of India on different development issues , politics and political leaders

I am talking about a start up which is very different in kind and has some very noble cause at heart which is to make voters aware about the real issues , share best knowledge about society and politics and political leaders so that people can choose wise leaders every time they go for voting.

Team of some very talented individuals is lead by Co-Founders of : Jwalant N Patel and Chintan H Trivedi. Co-founders : Jwalant N Patel ( L) and Chintan H Trivedi (R) Co-founders : Jwalant N Patel ( L) and Chintan H Trivedi (R)

In a tete –a – tete with these two exciting individuals I found a zeal to change something in this society and make it better place for our coming generations to live.

 What is your start up all about? What kind of changes do you anticipate by your start up in   society/market? Why this idea or concept and not anything else?

NationsRoot is a platform where people can find information on development, leaders, their duties, elections, bills, and expectations.  We are aiming for NationsRoot to become the go to place for anyone wanting to know the political scene and the development around it.  Furthermore, it is also evolving into a place that shares the voices of the people.  At this point, we are still waiting and watching as to what NationsRoot will become since it is our audience that will shape how and what it will change into. We also developed Facebook App, Aap Ka Minister (, provides information about all politicians, states and constituencies within Facebook. founders discussion team @ some serious discussion

Is your start up solving any genuine problem? If yes, then what and how?

Yes, our startup addresses a need. We discovered that many citizens did not have much knowledge of the politicians they were voting for or the work they had done.  Furthermore, most people don’t know what development is being done and where there is a lack of progress.  Our startup tries to bridge that information gap.

What is your philosophy as entrepreneur?

As an entrepreneur, I have always believed in following what one enjoys.  I have found that if an entrepreneur does not enjoy his or her work, or does not believe in whatever cause they are working for, success is not always possible.  Hence, my philosophy is simple: Find a question that you can answer and then fully enjoy answering it to the best of your ability.

How long can you hang on if your product/service does not get enough response?

Since our launch, we have been bootstrapping our startup and we continue to have enough to support the business for another few months.  However, as is the case for any startup or business, funding would help in expanding the business more quickly and effectively.

What is your team strength? Share their name, experience and core competence including founders.

The strength of our team lies in their skills, persistence, and joy for the work they do.

Founder: Jwalant N. Patel – more than 7 years of experience in the IT field and more than 5 years of experience working with startups.  He is great at managing all the people in an endeavor.

Founder: Chintan H. Trivedi – With his experience of more than 5 years in technology, he has helped give NationsRoot a great feel.

We are team of 18 including, Writers, Editors, SEO, Developers and Designers.

Have you raised any capital? if yes then how much and for what purpose ?

No, we have not as of yet raised any capital.

What kind of support do you expect from government for start up? / What should government do to encourage more start up in India?

The government could help entrepreneurs greatly by reducing bureaucracy in setting up businesses and introducing tax concessions.  This would allow people with lesser amount of funds but armed with great ideas, a chance to succeed. Furthermore, the government should invest more money in startup development and education. Encourage close interaction between new startups and universities. College students have the drive and eagerness to enter the job market.  Educating about startups within campuses and allowing close interaction between entrepreneurs and students, would empower youth to become involved with startups or act on their own ideas.

Your best and worst experience till now in this start up journey?

The best experience with NationsRoot is working with the various people that have gradually joined and shared ideas.  With each addition, we get a new perspective and try to learn from it.  NationsRoot has become a journey of learning and advancing for all of us.  The worst experience, in our opinion, was the period of time between the first version of the product and the first 100 users we got.  For any startup, a good response is necessary to bolster progress and to herald the path to success.  The waiting we experienced was nerve wracking as we anticipated the response we would get from our potential audience.  Yet, it could also be considered a good experience in that it generated even more excitement to make the product better as well as taught us that patience brings rewards.

 List most common problems you face in this journey.

Since NationsRoot is a web product, many of the issues we faced were related to technological innovation.  As a startup, we were constantly trying to keep the product unique and with a fresh outlook. Rather than considering this a problem, we now look at it as a challenge that will continue to exist throughout the life of the product and that will also continue to inspire us.  Another problem we encountered was how to attract good people and retain them.  A business, after all, is made up of people and its success is dependent on those people.

Closing thoughts / Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Some of the best things we have learned about life and work have come from working in startups.  One thing we learned is perseverance.  Many times it would seem as if things might not work out and so it would be better to give up and move on to something else.  But our advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to wait it out.  NationsRoot taught us the true value of taking a step back to leap forward.  One of the major parts of progress that people often ignore is that when one hits a block, rather than trying to pummel through it or get frustrated, it is sometimes best to step back, relax, and release the problem.  The answer will come to you and you will be able to solve whatever problem was the issue at the time.  All it takes is patience.  One more thing for entrepreneurs: be mentally ready for a rollercoaster ride that might teach you something at every turn.

Looking at the sense of urgency and noble thought of these talented individuals, I really wish them very best of future for their start up and urge all of you to visit the website and spread the awareness which is in a sense service to your country.

By wiring about this start up I have done part of my service to this nation , waiting for you guys now, will you?



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