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NetApp, a multinational data storage and management company, has announced the six startups that will be participating in its first accelerator program in India.

The accelerator was announced in June of this year when the program began accepting applications for its first cohort to begin on August 21.

According to the company website, the multinational giant specializes in “data insight, access, and control for hybrid cloud environments.” With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that the company is looking to foster startups taking advantage of India’s burgeoning digital environment.

Of the two hundred plus startups that applied to the program, each of the six companies selected has a B2B focus and a tie to automation, machine learning, or artificial intelligence — highlighting the growing importance of the technology within the country.

Below are short descriptions of the companies accepted to the NetApp Excellerator:

Adya: A SaaS cybersecurity solution that helps companies protect sensitive unstructured data on both physical on-premise and cloud environments. Using machine learning, Adya promises to collect all data access events and alert IT system managers of real-time threats with the intention of preventing the misuse of data.

EncloudEn: A platform for automatically deploying IT infrastructure with virtual desktops and hyper-converged infrastructure. The company strives to develop an IT system that runs without human intervention via its Zero Touch Infrastructure and Autonomous Hybrid Cloud.

LightMetrics: A visual analytics company that provides insights into driving behavior using computer vision and machine learning. The company tracks a large amount of data, including videos, regarding the quality of driving for fleet managers and insurance companies that need to track their drivers.

Scalend: A data analytics company that provides insights into companies in the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) industry using artificial intelligence and machine learning that analyzes omnichannel data.

Vaultedge: A cloud-based service that syncs your data automatically to the cloud and uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to efficiently categorize the data. The company enables users to quickly sort through data such as contracts, compliance documents, and analyst reports.

VitaCloud: A digital health platform that enables caregivers to perform better management of chronic health conditions. The company uses an intelligent platform for continuous learning that establishes a personalized health baseline based on variables such as vital signs, physical activity, sleep patterns, etc.

The participants’ close ties to automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning is a strong testament to NetApp’s vision of the future of data storage and management.

Despite the company’s undeniable interest in the technology, NetApp will not take any equity in the companies they accelerate, nor will it gain any ownership of the intellectual property that the companies develop during the program.

The NetApp Excellerator, already underway, is a four-month program that will last until December 11.

The hope is that the accelerator will “enable startups to leverage NetApp’s expertise as well as its ecosystem of partners, SMEs, and customers to realize the maximum potential of their innovative ideas.”


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