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The Tech Panda takes a look at recent tech launches.

AI: Chat GPT-enabled plugin designed to optimize the results of SEO

Digital Futur, the innovative technology brand co-founded by Bitan Purkayastha, Kabir Mehta, and Abdul Rehman, launched its latest product, a Chat GPT-enabled plugin designed to optimize the results of SEO for a vast number of people.

“We’re thrilled to launch this exciting new product that will revolutionize the way people optimize their SEO and manage their digital marketing,” said Co-Founders of Digital Futur. “With our Chat GPT-enabled plugin, anyone can now access the same powerful technology that was once only available to large corporations. Our goal is to make digital marketing accessible and affordable for everyone.”

The Why

With the growing importance of online presence and search engine optimization, Digital Futur has developed a solution that leverages the power of OpenAI’s language model, ChatGPT, to analyze and improve website content, ensuring that it meets the latest SEO standards and drives better search engine rankings.


  • Powerful SEO optimization capabilities
  • Over 150+ digital marketing functionalities
  • Accessible to a wide range of users, regardless of their technical expertise or budget
  • Two versions of the plugin: a free version and a paid version. The free version provides basic SEO analysis and optimization recommendations, making it a great option for individuals and small businesses. For those looking for more advanced features and greater control over their SEO optimization, the paid version offers a more comprehensive set of tools and analysis, along with access to the 150+ digital marketing functionalities.
  • After installation, the Chat GPT technology will automatically analyze content, providing recommendations for improvement
  • Available for purchase on Digital Futur’s website

AI: Explainable AI with a model that understands ‘meaning’ as close as possible to the way humans do

GyanAI is launching the world’s first explainable language model and natural language understanding engine. Based on its proprietary technology, GyanAI delivers on the promise of explainable AI with a model that understands ‘meaning’ as close as possible to the way humans do. It is fully explainable and a user can trace all of its results back to its source. It can provide reasoning for its output. Its output is a mix of extractive and generative text.

Venkat Srinivasan, Founder of GyanAI and Serial AI Entrepreneur, said: “Our core objective is to provide an interpretable, robust capability for machines to understand natural language as close as possible to the way humans do. We have re-defined what a ‘language model’ can be.  We are principally motivated by a desire to efficiently acquire and apply, automatically where possible, insights from the enormous amount of information we have access to in various fields.  GyanAI can be used in conjunction with LLMs where beneficial. While GyanAI is ready for purpose-specific enterprise deployment and is in production use, we anticipate announcing API for application developers in the near future.”

The Why

Large Language Models (LLMs) are neural networks trained on huge amounts of natural language content. They have well-documented limitations such as explainability, reasoning and factual errors, inability to understand full compositional context, susceptibility to influence from biased training data, and tractability among others.

In contrast, GyanAI is a knowledge engine based on a content-independent language model capable of deep understanding of textual discourse without relying on word patterns.


  • It acquires its knowledge near real-time from the documents it processes and optionally, one or more Gyan Knowledge Stores.
  • Since the Gyan language model is independent of content, it cannot be used to generate misinformation or be manipulated with biased training data.
  • It supports the full knowledge acquisition process as a user traverses from ‘search’ to ‘knowledge’.

EV: EV dealership showroom in Mangalore

EVeium Smart Mobility, an Indian EV brand launched its newest EV dealership showroom in Mangalore, Karnataka on 16th March 2023. The showroom is an experience center showcasing the wide range of smart electric scooters of the EVeium brand. The EV showroom will operate under the dealership name West End Automotives.

The Showroom cum experience hub is situated in the city at the prime location of Gold Palace Onyx, Pumpwell.

Sameer Moidin Co-Founder, EVeium Smart Mobility affirmed “We are thrilled to unveil our new dealership showroom in Mangalore with the ambition to provide the best experience and assist ordinary Indians chase their dreams by delivering the smart everyday mobility requirements more sustainably. Through an industry-leading practice of setting up a best-in-class showroom with all the necessary tools and machinery, we are also ensuring top-notch after-sales service experiences for our valued customers. Moreover, receiving positive reviews from our well-wishers strengthens our belief as we plan to continue expanding our presence with more showrooms and products.”

The Why

The showroom will not only provide customers with a one-of-a-kind EV purchasing experience, but it will also serve as a platform to raise awareness about EV adoption in the region. Besides that, the showroom will function as a one-stop shop for all EVeium clients’ EV-related requirements. While EVeium intends to expand into both established and emerging markets, the startup promises to do so by being an important player in reducing carbon footprints and making India a cleaner and greener place for coming generations.


The showroom, under the dealership of West End Automotives, features all 3 premium Electric Scooters from the brand, which include:

?      Cosmo – Top Speed – 65 Kmph; Range – 80 km on a single charge; Price – Rs. 1,39,200

?      Comet – Top Speed – 85 Kmph; Range – 150 km on a single charge; Price – Rs. 1,84,900

?      Czar – Top Speed – 85 Kmph; Range – 150 km on a single charge; Price – Rs. 2,07,700

Nutraceuticals & science: Nutrition based plant protein isolates

Nutricircle, an R&D and science based company has introduced nutrition based plant protein isolates at the 37th edition of AAHAR 2023 in New Delhi.

Nutricircle is a BSE listed nutraceuticals and science company, which works towards making nutrition more sustainable for the consumers. With better protein profiles, the company ensures quality of the raw-material and supply chain to provide fair return to the farmers.

“Considering the new age food selections, focused more on planet conscious and sustainable choices, and people opting for more nutritious and healthy foods and supplements, it is necessary for us as a company to introduce products that are in-sync with this on-going transformation”, says Hitesh M Patel, Director, Nutricircle.

“The year 2023, is the International Year of the Millets declared by United Nations, to promote the staple crop of India, millets, which has a number health benefits and nutrition attached to it. At Nutricircle, we aim to bring out the best quality isolated plant protein with the extracts”, says Patel.

The R&D of these nutrition based plant protein isolates is conducted at renowned institutions such as Plant Based Foods Industry Association, Nutri Hub, ICAR- Indian Institute of Millets Research, International Crops Research Institute for the semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) and Ag Hub.

The Why

The objective of launching these products at AAHAR is to create awareness on the consumption of protein based products and reach out to nutraceuticals companies.


Nutricircle has introduced cereals, pulses, oil seeds and millets such quinoa, bajra, jowar, moong beans, amaranth, foxtail millet, rajma and horse gram, protein extracts that can be further used by nutraceutical companies to provide better protein based products. The protein extracts of the cereals, pulses, oil seeds and millets can be used in flour formulation, nutraceuticals, sports nutrition, beverages and cosmetic industry.

AI: A data intelligence solution to help video game industry creators build effective AI-based content moderation & community management systems

iMerit, an AI data solutions company, announced a data intelligence solution purpose built to help video game industry creators build more effective AI-based content moderation and community management systems. iMerit’s data intelligence solution for video game creators enables studios to better serve their communities by building sophisticated automated speech recognition (ASR) models that conduct sentiment analysis to improve player safety and experience.

“Having robust community and communication within video games is a major factor in helping game studios achieve rapid growth and retention. However, fostering a healthy community at scale can be a challenge. As studios turn to AI to better understand and flag gamer behavior, they require better data to ensure the models work as intended. iMerit provides the rich data that enables game studios’ AI models to perform more effectively and deliver a superior experience for players and better growth for studios,” said Radha Basu, co-founder and CEO, iMerit.

The Why

This highly scalable solution enables studios to better understand nuanced gaming language, player intent, and terminology, giving them greater player oversight for maintaining positive gaming environments.


  • Custom developed tooling for AI and ML teams to build more effective ASR and player behavior classification models
  • Human-in-the-loop model verification workflows, enabling AI teams to build sophisticated systems that fine tune content moderation models on contextual nuances

Chatbot: A digital legal assistant that will help people manage legal disputes & answer queries

Indian Justice Technology (JusTech) company Jupitice launched Artificial Intelligence-powered chatbot Saya at the 22nd International ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) Forum meet at Bangaluru which among others was attended by former NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant and Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani.

Participating in the discussion, Kant stressed that ODR “will allow access to justice in ease of doing business by making dispute resolution cheaper, quicker, and most importantly equally credible as conventional methods.”

Nilekani said that the ODR system is evolving as a new way of doing things and “it will allow millions of small disputes and other things that will be taken off the table, which means the judicial system can focus on genuine major issues.”

The Why

ODR provides a cost-effective and convenient solution for resolving disputes and seeking justice without the burden and expense of traditional legal procedures.

The International ODR Forum is the leading global networking platform for the ODR community, taking place annually in various regions around the globe, and it showcases how ODR is being put into practice worldwide.


SAYA, a digital legal assistant, will act as an aide helping people manage their legal disputes and also get answers to all queries. It will empower user to make better-informed decisions and also schedule sessions accordingly to the availability.

Low code: Software to empower customers to make the most of their Salesforce investments

Newgen Software, a global provider of low code-based digital transformation platform, NewgenONE, launched Newgen OmniDocs Connector on Salesforce AppExchange. This empowers customers to make the most of their Salesforce investments.

“Business Users typically spend significant time and effort searching for relevant content and managing it. The integration will allow the users to leverage the robust capabilities of Newgen OmniDocs platform to manage the document lifecycle, from creation to disposition, facilitate collaboration between users, and ensure security and compliance. This will enable enterprises to focus on accelerating customer acquisition while enhancing employee efficiency and reducing costs,” said Rajvinder Singh Kohli, SVP at Newgen Software.

“Newgen OmniDocs Connector is a welcome addition to AppExchange, allowing customers to manage, control, share, and utilize organizational content to improve efficiencies. AppExchange is constantly evolving to connect customers with the right apps and experts for their business needs,” said David Lee, Vice President or Product Management, AppExchange.

The Why

Using Newgen OmniDocs Connector, enterprises can improve efficiencies by bridging content silos, gaining unified access to content, and making users contextually aware while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.


Newgen OmniDocs Contextual Content Services Platform seamlessly integrates with Salesforce Sales Cloud, allowing users to manage, control, share, and utilize organizational content.

Fintech: Platform update to help web3 businesses comply with PMLA guidelines in India

Liminal, a leading wallet infrastructure & custody solutions platform, launched its latest platform update designed to help web3 businesses comply with the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 (PMLA) guidelines in India.

“At Liminal, we are committed to providing our users with a compliant platform for managing their digital assets,” said Manan Vora, SVP- Strategy & Business Operations at Liminal. “With the launch of our latest platform update, we are proud to offer web3 businesses in India the tools they need to comply with the newly released PMLA guidelines, ensuring that the Web3 businesses are able to operate with greater security and confidence in the ever-evolving business landscape. Hence, creating a larger regulated ecosystem.”

Akash Bansal, CEO of Flitpay and Liminal user, said, “Complying with AML and Travel Rule compliance comes across as a very daunting task. The latest update from Liminal’s wallet infrastructure is a much-needed addition which will ensure that we are compliant with the PMLA guidelines. We are looking forward to working with Liminal and using these new tools to ensure that we are compliant with the newly released PMLA guidelines. Liminal’s regulatory readiness program has always helped us stay compliant in this continuously evolving regulatory landscape.”

The Why

PMLA guidelines introduced by the Government of India have been made effective from 10 March 2023. As per these guidelines, businesses are required to comply with the following pillars of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing, including but not limited to Travel Rule, Transaction Monitoring, Suspicious Transaction Reporting and Record Keeping.

To adhere to these guidelines, Liminal has updated its platform to come up with a state-of-the-art infrastructure by partnering with leading providers to ensure that every transaction processed via Liminal is secure and compliant. Under this update, any web3 business/project or exchange onboarding Liminal can be assured that their business is compliant with the new PMLA guidelines.


  • Travel Rule – Liminal has integrated with Notabene, a leading provider of Travel Rule solutions, to ensure that transactions of Web3 businesses comply with the Travel Rule requirements.
  • Transaction Monitoring – The custodial platform has integrated with a leading provider of Suspicious Transaction Monitoring solutions to ensure that transactions are monitored for any suspicious activity. In addition to this, Liminal can integrate any third-party provider as well.
  • Record Keeping – All the transaction information will be stored for the prescribed period as per the guidelines, enabling businesses to retrieve any information as requested by investigating authorities.
  • Reporting – Reports can be generated in the prescribed formats to allow submission directly from Liminal’s platform.

FinTech: An automated analytics solution for financial investigations

iAcuity Fintech, a fintech company that offers innovative analytics solutions to abate and investigate financial fraud and crime, launched its advanced crime intelligence analytics capabilities in its flagship product ‘Fund Trail’, an automated analytics solution for financial investigations.

Gaurav Batheja, CEO, iAcuity Fintech said, “Around 8.84 Lacs complaints were reported under the online financial fraud category of the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal from January 2021 to November 30, 2022. As we witness a significant rise, we believe our solution is a gamechanger in helping government authorities and even enterprises to fight these frauds. iAcuity Fund Trail is a powerful and innovative platform which will help in the identification and mitigation of all potential financial hazards that not only have an impact on the organization but also harm its reputation. At iAcuity, we put our full effort into the creation of our innovative products, concentrating on technological developments and the accuracy of the solution.”

The Why

According to recent reports, the Union government’s Cyber Crime portal ( receives over 3,500 complaints of financial fraud a day. The flagship solution from iAcuity helps empower law enforcement with modern investigative approaches, combined with security and scalability.

As traditional investigations involve extensive manual drudgery, thereby taking months and limiting the scope of analysis, Fund Trail is the best route that enables high accuracy and helps alleviate manual drudgery of analysing bank statements.


The additional features launched enable investigators to identify links across cases by identifying common suspects and perpetrators. These game changing features will streamline the investigation process by building a financial transaction profile of suspects and highlighting linkages to cases and other suspects in the system. Investigators can thereby rely on existing information saving them immense time and effort.

Fund Trail provides a variety of comprehensive analysis reports and visualizations of all transactions that drive various kinds of investigations.

ChatGPT: New self-service plan and ChatGPT-enabled tools to help enterprise social teams

Sprinklr, the unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform for modern enterprises, launched a self-service version of its social media management solution Sprinklr Social. Social media teams can access Sprinklr Social on a self-service basis by subscribing to its ‘Advanced’ Plan. This version of Sprinklr Social includes publishing, engagement, and reporting tools integrated with OpenAI’s generative AI models to help enterprise social media teams create better content, more quickly, with fewer resources.

“OpenAI has shown the potential for generative AI to change how brands operate,” said Sprinklr Chief Technology Officer, Pavitar Singh. “Combining the power of OpenAI technologies with the focus of Sprinklr AI, we aim to change how enterprises interact with their customers. We are announcing the first integration with Sprinklr Social today. We will have much more to come across every product suite as we tap the power of generative AI across the industry’s only Unified-CXM platform.”

The Why

Sprinklr Social (Formerly Sprinklr Social Engagement & Sales) has long served many of the world’s most iconic brands. However, smaller enterprise social media teams have expressed the need for out-of-the-box solutions that are quick to deploy and easy to use.

Sprinklr Social’s Advanced Plan integrated with OpenAI generative AI addresses these needs. This out-of-the-box version of Sprinklr Social is simpler, smarter, and better than competing enterprise tools.


The Sprinklr Social Advanced Plan is pre-built with OpenAI GPT integrations enabling customers to leverage generative AI capabilities for content publishing, engagement, and reporting:

  • Content Publishing: Brainstorm content ideas and get creative, channel-specific copy for posts instantly; adjust tone, length, grammar and much more.
  • Engagement: Reword and simplify responses, modify length and tone, translate to multiple languages, and maintain quality with AI-enabled grammar check.
  • Reporting: Auto tag inbound messages to identify emerging themes and get performance insights in real-time.

Product highlights include:

  • Quick and easy onboarding: Sprinklr Social’s Advanced Plan is completely out-of-the-box. Users can complete setup within minutes and go live instantly.
  • Social media management at scale on major channels: In-depth capabilities around listening, publishing, engagement, governance, and reporting across six social channels (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube).
  • User-friendly interface: Social media teams can take advantage of Sprinklr’s simplest UI yet, designed for complete personalization and simple, intuitive navigation.
  • In-depth Listening: Sprinklr Social’s Advanced Plan leverages AI-powered social listening to transform unstructured data into actionable insights and give enterprises a more complete view of the customer, market, and competitors.
  • OpenAI GPT-enabled AI: Leverage OpenAI’s GPT capabilities to improve efficiency across publishing, engagement, and reporting – generate content faster, configure message workflows, and automate reporting to allow even smaller teams to manage social media at scale.
  • Scalability: Easily migrate to Sprinklr Social’s Enterprise Plan when scaling social media efforts across channel coverage, governance, reporting and analytics.
  • Affordability: At just $299 per user per month, Sprinklr Social’s Advanced Plan is an affordable solution for businesses looking to manage their social media presence, making it accessible to a broader range of businesses. The product also offers a 90-day Free Trial for teams to explore, learn and adopt the tool.


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