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The Tech Panda takes a look at recent tech launches.

AI: AI model & full-stack content platform for SEO content creation

Scalenut, an AI-powered SEO and content marketing platform launched an industry-first AI model, along with content optimization for SEO content creation workflow.

Mayank Jain, Co-Founder, Scalenut said “There is a lot of disruption happening in the Generative AI and Search industry. We at Scalenut, continue to lead the innovation. We have solved two major problems with this launch. First, our AI model reads the latest information from SERP, and gives real-time statistics to the users. Most of the AI models don’t provide accurate and factual information. This is our endeavour to solve for that. Second, businesses juggle between multiple tools for their SEO content workflow. With the launch of content optimizer, Scalenut gives an end-to-end platform for businesses looking to scale SEO & content marketing.”

The Why

With the new launch, Scalenut users will have access to the latest information from SERP, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions about their content. This new technology by Scalenut will help users create credible content with recent information and statistics.

This launch sets Scalenut apart as one of the only AI platforms in the market to cover the entire content workflow, from planning to research, writing, optimization, and publishing, all within one app.


  • Users can access the latest information from SERP, which includes SERP statistics
  • A powerful content optimization module that allows users to optimize their content for SEO,
  • AI-based SEO Editor, specifically designed for creating and optimizing SEO content

IT: Software product aimed at aligning business & engineering teams with advances

Atlassian Corporation Plc (NASDAQ:TEAM), a provider of team collaboration and productivity software and the maker of Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket, unveiled three advancements to its Jira suite: Jira Product Discovery GA, Jira Work Management free with every Jira Software license, and new Jira Templates at ‘Unleash’, its first ever Agile and DevOps focused event in Berlin.

The Why

With this launch, Atlassian now has products for every stage of the software development lifecycle. From ideation in Jira Product Discovery, to delivery in Jira Software and collaboration with business teams in Jira Work Management, to support and operations in Jira Service Management, the Jira suite offers a powerful set of connected, yet open, tools to help teams do their best work. 


  • Jira Product Discovery is a new product ideation and prioritization tool that connects teams across engineering, sales, marketing and leadership so that they can build the right products, for the right customers at the right time. It makes it easy for great ideas to rise to the surface because the entire team – from sales, to design, to the CEO – can collaborate, add insights, vote for ideas, and contribute to the future success of the product.
  • Jira Work Management is included with every new and existing Jira Software license for up to 35,000 users until March 2024 for free. Companies don’t need to spend on additional project management software because everything they need is already connected to the same industry-leading security that powers Jira Software.
  • The new Jira workflow and toolchain templates designed by industry experts and Atlassian customers have all the workflows, permission schemes, and even automations and integrations already built-in. Jira templates are free for the entire Jira suite, including Jira Software, Jira Work Management, Jira Product Discovery, and Jira Service Management.

Finance: 24ct gold coins to win hearts this Valentine’s Day

Muthoottu Royal Gold the new flagship of Muthoottu M Mathew Group, launched special limited edition 24ct gold coins – “Love Bits Coins”. Gearing up for the season of love the coins are crafted to win hearts this Valentine’s Day.

Muthoottu Royal Gold, have also announced a new range of exquisitely crafted jewellery as a part of Valentine’s collection.

Arlin Anna Philip, Founder, Muthoottu Royal Gold said: “Our exquisite range of hand-crafted jewellery is designed to make this Valentine’s Day truly special for everyone. We believe that our beautifully crafted gold coins and jewellery will make a meaningful and lasting impact on loved ones and make this season of love even more memorable.”


The exquisitely crafted jewellery comprises of exceptional artisans cut bangles, hand-crafted shimmering rings, radiant & delicate pendants, stylish & glitzy studs to form symbols of love. Keeping up with the 2023 current trends, the collection provides a variety of finely crafted refreshing design jewelleries crafted in 22K gold.

The special Valentine’s Day edition composes of 24ct gold coins put together with a perfect blend of love, huge heart, a cupid and a love letter carried by 2 love balloons. The limited edition offers pocket-friendly, 0.5 gm and 1 gm 24ct coins that anyone can gift their loved ones, to express their affection this Valentine’s Day.

Automation: UP Govt’s first FASTag enabled smart parking

Smart parking startup- ParkMate launched UP Govt’s first FASTag enabled Smart Parking with the help of Lucknow Nagar Nigam.  The Moradabad based startup has an ambitious plan to automate major parkings of Uttar Pradesh on 1 platform in upcoming years.

“Traffic congestion costs the 4 major cities of India an economic loss of INR1.4 lakh crore annually. More than 25% of traffic congestions happen due to parking congestion. Finding a parking space is getting more and more challenging with the increasing number of vehicles on the road. Despite of this, most multilevel car parkings of India are hardly working operating on their 30-50% occupancy. Whereas, surface parkings are over-occupied. ParkMate’s multi-dimensional services can solve all these problems. So, to end the culture of haphazard parking of vehicles, we have come up with sophisticated solutions that address all these concerns. We have a different approach than our contemporaries to solve this problem and we are glad that Uttar Pradesh’s Govt has given us a chance to showcase our services. This will further strengthen the honourable Prime Minister’s Vision of Smart Cities and digital India. Also ParkMate services are paperless which makes us the most ecofriendly and the only paperless parking company of India.,” said Dhananjaya Bharadwaj, Co-founder and CEO, ParkMate.

The Why

ParkMate’s smart parking facility will solve the problem of haphazard and illegal parking which will eventually ease the traffic congestion and will provide easier access for customers to the major markets. This will generate more economic opportunities for the cities.


  • Seamless parking experience for users, city administrations and businesses
  • Citizens of Lucknow will now be saved from the tedious task of searching or even visiting a parking lot
  • The application is available on Android and iOS platforms
  • Users can get their cars picked up and dropped off at the location of their choice
  • DROP & SHOP service allows users to enter their parking location, where a dedicated valet will pick up the car and park it in a nearby authorized parking lot
  • Three-tier Trishool system offers an integration of the FASTag + ANPR +UniPay system which uses HD cameras, an inbuilt controller, and its in-house software to automatically scan licence plates and permit/log vehicle entry
  • Attendants are OTP verified and the cars are GPS-tagged so that users can track the car’s live movement
  • When the customer needs his car, he/she simply has to click on ‘Get my car’ and it will be delivered back safely wherever they want.

ESG: An Environmental, Social, & Governance scorecard to help bolster ESG consciousness among Indian MSMEs & larger enterprises

In a bid to enable 100,000 MSMEs turn ESG compliant in the next 24 months, Bizongo, a vendor digitization platform with embedded financing for brands and enterprises launched Bizongo environmental, social, and governance (ESG) Scorecard. This will help bolster ESG consciousness among Indian MSMEs and larger enterprises. With this, Bizongo has also become the first B2B marketplace to offer ESG-related intelligence.

Aniket Deb, Co-founder & COO, Bizongo, said, “In its essence, ESG is a framework that helps businesses build customer loyalty, attract investors, make operations sustainable, and improve financial performance. In line with this, Bizongo’s ESG Scorecard will enable MSMEs on its platform assess their ESG performance and help them integrate it into their internal policies and practices.”

The Why

The MSME sector in India is characterized as resource intensive with 19.4 million MSMEs in the manufacturing industry consuming 25% of the total energy in the industrial sector and generating 110 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent. This consumption is expected to further increase as India continues to boost manufacturing activity.

Most MSMEs either do not track their ESG compliance or still rely on manual processes to collect internal ESG data on water consumption, workforce demographics, and code of conduct, amongst others. This leads to unorganized storage of data resources across databases in different formats, which delays decision-making and ineffective tracking of ESG preparedness.

As ESG becomes the core conversation in corporate boardrooms and for the allocation of capital, it is compelling brands and enterprises to improve their sustainability performance. Also, the growing demand for a sustainable supply chain is putting pressure on SME vendors to increase resource productivity, reduce emissions, and improve their ESG score.

Further, the Securities and Exchange Board of India’s (SEBI) mandate for the top 1,000 listed entities by market capitalization to file business responsibility and sustainability reporting (BRSR) and disclosures from FY 2023 has triggered large corporations to think about ESG as a value preservation measure. Following the implementation of Bizongo’s scorecard, international and domestic enterprises with a large portfolio of third parties will be able to combat new risk levels and improve their sustainability performance as they onboard partners from Bizongo’s large base of ESG-compliant manufacturers and vendors.


  • MSMEs can monitor and track their compliance across various ESG components, including social parameters, such as minimum wage policy, Child labor and Forced labor, Harassment and Discrimination, and product quality and testing
  • It will focus on environmental parameters, such as the Environment Management System (or ISO 14001, energy management process/policy, policies/processes for optimum, water consumption/ water conservation, circular economy/ recycle/reuse program, management of solid/liquid waste, and GHG emission.
  • On the Governance front, the tool will assess compliance on grievance redressal/whistleblowing, code of conduct, anti-bribery, frauds/malpractice incident, and sub-contractors’ due diligence.
  • MSMEs on the platform can validate their credibility in following mandatory compliances, especially when applying for Zero Defect Zero Effect (ZED) certification. It will also simplify availing ZED benefits, such as subsidy on cost of tech adoption, reimbursement on acquisition and installation of Plant & Machinery/ Testing equipment, and concessions in Pricing/processing charges by banks, among others.
  • MSMEs can meet the demands of global-level customers by driving more environmentally friendly and inclusive business operations and manufacturing products with the ethos of ESG.
  • Large enterprises can monitor their ESG profile and expedite decision-making by assessing the compliance levels of suppliers, vendors, and other supply chain partners.

Logistics: A warehousing & logistics service vertical to cater to supply chain needs of food businesses

Adcount Technologies Pvt Ltd announces SupplyLink, a warehousing and logistics service vertical that will cater to the supply chain needs of food businesses, expanding its existing portfolio of SaaS offerings SupplyNote and Posify. With this launch, SupplyLink alone aims to grow their client base by 400% by adding support to their supplychain.

With the addition of SupplyLink, the company aims to serve food businesses as small as 5+ outlets to enterprises with 100+ outlets.

“We are thrilled to announce SupplyLink to the market officially,” said Mr. Nitin Prakash, co-founder of Adcount Technologies. “Our goal is to bring tangible advantages of technology to help the food business grow faster. With the addition of SupplyLink to our portfolio, apart from indicating where the optimizations are needed, we can even take necessary actions to implement and execute the same.”

The Why

SupplyLink aims to provide a seamless supply chain service for food businesses, allowing the food business to focus better on its core. This service reduces the management cost and hours spent by food businesses in their supply chain management and gives higher visibility and control of the supply chain as a whole.


SupplyLink services include supply chain planning, storage, transportation, operations, management and comprehensive reporting across ambient, chilled and frozen temperature formats.

SupplyLink has a spectrum of features, including a single dashboard for inventory visibility, order handling, vehicle tracking, temperature tracking, single point of contact, and pay-per-use cost models with availability in multiple regions, including Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Karnataka, Gujrat.

Browser: A browser that balances the freedom of users to use the Internet while imposing restrictions to prevent data leakage

Synersoft Technologies, an Indian IT company, conducted a webinar to launch ‘Magic Browser’ digitally on 31st January 2023.

Vishal Prakash Shah, CEO and Co-Founder of Synersoft said, “Magic Box is the first step to Futuristic Internet Access for enterprise users. It gives an immense sense of satisfaction to see our R&D and product development team’s success in commercializing this disruptive technology, which solves an acute problem of millions of Indian MSME users. Magic Browser will strengthen the overall security of enterprise data and the users’ productivity.”

The Why

Magic Browser deals with a severe dilemma of enterprises in balancing the freedom of the users to use the Internet as well as imposing restrictions to prevent data leakage. Businesses use the Internet as a resource many important things which calls for allowing Internet access to the users. The availability of the Internet to users attracts many hazards, which may affect severe problems like data leakage and timepass activities to the businesses using the resources. Traditional solutions like firewalls and proxy servers attempt to solve this problem using Internet content filters, website safelists, or denylists.

Two problems that make traditional solutions ineffective in breaking this dilemma which is about the efficacy of the content filter, and about remote users who are not in the coverage of a firewall or proxy server. This innovation of Magic Browser breaks this dilemma and resolves both the problems or, in other words, ensures data leakage prevention and productivity.


  • Business customers can access to the Internet without the risk of time-wasting or data leakage. Its unique data isolation technology makes file servers, storage systems, and firewalls communicate with one another and take intelligent actions to isolate the data.
  • When the users are working on confidential data on file servers or storage servers, the file server communicates to the firewall to limit Internet access to minimum required websites that do not pose any data leakage possibilities. At the same time, the user has the freedom to use the Internet for research or business development purposes.


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