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The Tech Panda takes a look at recent business launches.

SaaS: App upgrade with unique functionality & more secure features for dairy supply chain

Mr Milkman, an Indian SaaS platform empowering dairies and other industries to manage customer subscriptions and deliveries with unrivaled efficiency, has upgraded its app to offer a more dynamic user experience. Now the app is much easier to navigate and is packed with user-friendly features.

The company has over 100,000+ subscribers to the app today and also helps new customers (dairy and other food suppliers) to go live instantly with their app. Samarth Setia, Co-founder & CEO of Mr. Milkman by Ever.Ag says, “Earlier, the client onboarding time was close to four weeks for us, but with the latest tech upgrade, we are not only offering our clients the option to go live instantly but also offering a gamut of features and services to the end consumer to make their in-app experience enjoyable, hassle-free and quick. Our end goal is to provide a dynamic user experience to our clients and consumers.”

Mr. Milkman services more than 120+ dairy farms across India today. From the farm all the way to the end consumer, the real-time analytics platform easily tracks all sales data, provides a complete performance overview, and enables informed business decisions.

The Why

Sumit Jain, VP Technology, Mr. Milkman by Ever.Ag says, “With this app upgrade, we have followed the proactive approach whereby we have worked on our backend systems and added observatory tools that will help our developers know of any inefficiencies, errors or incidents in the system even before the customer faces any issues. We want out customers to enjoy a seamless shopping experience on our app.”


  • Add to bag feature, where customers have an option to place one-time orders without a subscription plan and even do bulk purchasing on the app
  • Vacation mode feature
  • New shop page feature
  • A revamped Wallet and Help & Support sections
  • Multiple payment gateways to provide flexibility
  • Easy to use field application for the delivery riders to manage customer data and deliveries
  • Back-end support through a live chat option
  • Multiple in-app and web view options for ease of shopping

Gaming: Gaming video platform to help creators maximize earnings with revenue-sharing model of 90-10

With the objective of putting India’s gaming and content creators community first to aid them in earning more revenue, Gameoff has launched its website. The platform builds bridges between the Indian gaming communities and is open to everyone to upload their content as well as watch their favourite creators play popular games like Valorant, Call of Duty Mobile, GTA V, Minecraft and Free Fire Max.

Founder and CEO Sunny Malhi said, “Analyzing the overall gaming ecosystem, we felt that creators in India are undervalued, their content is undervalued and we want to fix that. We want to open every possible door for creators that have never been opened before. Unlike other platforms, we are optimized for creators and have concrete plans to help them maximize their earnings as well as bring them closer to their fans. The Indian gaming scenario is growing rapidly and we want to make sure that Gameoff is an integral part of this revolution.”

The Why

According to data from YouGov, 94% of an influencer’s following end up playing the same game that their favourite creators play. These creators are also the beeline that directs a brand toward their exact target audience between the ages of 18-34.

Focusing primarily on monetization, Gameoff aims at rewarding these content creators that are such integral cogs of the Indian gaming ecosystem. The platform will provide an instant upgrade on what are the major revenue streams for any creator – ads from the platform that they stream on and sponsorships.


  • Revenue sharing model of 90-10
  • Interacting with the gaming community
  • Growing as a creator
  • Recognition as a potential gaming professional
  • Earning from the content you consume as well as upload
  • Engaging with your favourite creators by gaming with them
  • Pay and play any game of choice with favourite influencers

Air filtration: a first-of-its-kind air filtration system for small server rooms

Bry-Air, one of the leading manufacturers of desiccant dehumidifiers in India and globally has launched a new product, ‘BryShield’ for preventing electronic corrosion in small server rooms by removing gaseous contaminants. The innovative air filtration system has been aesthetically designed and easily fits into a false ceiling and can be compactly ceiling mounted.

Deepak Pahwa, Managing Director, Bry-Air, said, “In the service of providing quality air solutions we realized that server rooms are not given much attention, and in most cases, people think installing a normal air conditioning system will serve the purpose. BryShield serves multiple purposes as it gives clean air, and ensures that there is no chance of electronic corrosion which normally leads to server failure and downtime. This product saves data and indirectly benefits the well-being of people and assures the smooth functioning of the machines.”

The Why

A common misconception runs across the industry that precision air conditioning removes gaseous contaminants and particulate matter. But the precision air conditioning is not suitable to remove gaseous contaminants from the air. Advanced technology like BryShield neutralizes toxic gases and releases clean air with the help of Honeycomb Chemical Filters – DRISORB™. The patented technology is backed up with macro-porous desiccant-based honeycomb matrix filters that come with a life span of more than a year which is easily replaceable.

Server rooms are housed with electronic equipment for the storage of important information and data. Electronic equipment is susceptible to moisture and electronic corrosion from gaseous contaminants making the server rooms highly vulnerable spaces. Moreover, with the miniaturization of electronics, the risk of micro-corrosion/ e-corrosion is amplified. As per industry statistics that 75 per cent of micro-electronic failures are caused due to corrosion. It leads to downtime of the machines with the threat of losing out on the data.

BryShield becomes even more important in a country like India with poor air quality. Here, the corrosion problem is intensified further in cities and industrial areas.


It prevents server downtime and saves losses from server failures by preventing electronic corrosion in small server rooms, control rooms, and electronic equipment rooms across diverse sectors like banks, IT companies, telecom sites, hospitals, R&D centres, laboratories, and smoking lounges.

Healthcare: An academy to help radiologists & radiographers expand knowledge & enhance competencies

Focused on providing advanced practical training for radiographers and radiologists, 5C Network launched the 5C Academy on 3rd September. 5C Network’s chief radiologist, Dr. Chandramouly M, MBBS, DMRD, DNB-RD, will serve as 5C Academy’s dean. Dr. Chandramouly comes with over three decades of experience in radiology.

Kalyan Sivasailam, the Founder and CEO of 5C Network, said “In this specific certification program designed primarily for radiographers, we aim to make available to the participants the latest and the best practices that are critical for high-quality imaging using the existing equipment. This will help radiographers not just to better understand the radiologists’ perspective, but also enable them to generate better scans, eventually delivering better patient outcomes. Not to mention the opportunity to pave the path for professional and career growth.”

The Why

The need for this kind of institutionalized, professional training stems from the fact that in the radiology domain that is continuously witnessing technology and domain advances, there is a long-felt need for a forum that can help radiographers and radiologists stay up-to-date on domain knowledge, learn new best practices, benefit from the experience of experts in the domain, and also get mentored on improving on their own skills on the job.


  • The academy launches the first-ever certification program for practicing radiographers specializing in CT and MRI scans.
  • As part of the curriculum, the participants will experience interactive workshops on CT and MRI best practices with live case demos.
  • The workshops will be followed by question-and-answer sessions, and assessments to ensure a complete understanding of each module.
  • Each module when completed grants one credit to the participant.
  • Subject to the participant successfully completing all the modules, the 5C Academy will grant a Diploma in Practical Radiography to them.

Agtech: Agri export-import platform for UAE & GCC

Walmart and Tiger Global backed Ninjacart, an Indian agri-startup that leverages technology and data to organise the Indian agriculture ecosystem, has expanded its footprint globally by launching ‘Ninja Global’ platform for agri export-import businesses in the UAE and GCC countries. The T4 Agri EXIM Summit launch event was held in Dubai, UAE on September 17th. Shri K Kalimuthu, Consul (Economic, Trade & Commerce), Consulate General, Dubai inaugurated the event and several other industry leaders and dignitaries were also in attendance. Ninja Global is an agri export-import commerce platform that allows exporters and importers to build their networks with credible businesses, gain access to new markets, and expand their businesses efficiently on an international scale.

Kartheeswaran K K, COO & Co-Founder, Ninjacart said, “The size of cross-border trade for agricultural commodities alone is around $2.5 trillion, and we expect it to grow by at least 20%. NinjaGlobal will empower the dynamic market through a variety of services. Our goal in launching NinjaGlobal in UAE & GCC is to strengthen the export-import market for agri commodities between GCC and India, empower agri-importers and exporters in GCC countries as well as India, and advance our vision of organising the agri eco-system.”

Shri K Kalimuthu, Consul (Economic, Trade & Commerce), Consulate General, Dubai, said, “Ninja Global has solved the most pressing problem of finding credible sellers and buyers, especially in the India-UAE trade route. Currently, traders are facing a lot of challenges finding a genuine seller and buyer, but now thanks to NinjaGlobal they can trade securely.”

The Why

Ninja Global aims to strengthen the export-import market for agri commodities between UAE and India. The platform is curated to solve the global problem of finding and trading with authentic, trusted & credible exporters and importers of agri-commodities.

It is specially designed for UAE importers to connect with credible exporters in other countries to grow their businesses. Importers and exporters can easily download the app from Android ( and iOS ( platforms.


  • The platform will assist users in developing a digital identity by easily registering their company on the platform and showcasing their business to potential customers and suppliers.
  • The platform verifies and authenticates businesses on the platform, so one can easily trade with credible businesses across the globe.
  • Ninja Secure Trade (NST), which provides payment and quality assurance services, ensuring traders’ highest levels of confidence.
  • The Credibility Journey feature provides businesses with various trust badges based on information provided by sellers/buyers.
  • Microsite for Businesses offering ensures a virtual storefront with product catalogues and pricing information.
  • Freight Forwarding Online Bidding feature makes way for hassle-free logistics experiences at competitive costs for suppliers.

Conversation intelligence: Real-time intelligent alerts to help businesses act right from their Slack

Wingman has launched Actions in Slack, real-time, intelligent alerts to help businesses act when it matters, right from Slack. From custom “deals at risk” digests to optimized pre- and post-call sales workflows, Actions in Slack make selling less work and more flow. Reps get the right info at the right time, right where they work, so they can focus on prospects and have better sales conversations.

Missed follow-ups, radio silence from prospects, single-threaded deals, pricing not discussed, or no decision-makers on call… Wingman analyzes all conversations (and emails) to surface the “why” on deals at risk, so you can act with speed to coach your reps and improve win rates.

Wingman is a conversation intelligence platform that unlocks actionable insights from every sales interaction. So you can predict revenue outcomes, identify winning strategies and take action on deals at risk.

The Why

In challenging economic times (like now), executives are leaning on their sales orgs more than ever to be more productive and capture every drop of revenue. But there’s an elephant in the room: sales reps spend only about a third of their time selling.

How the average salesperson spends their week:

25% admin tasks (review accounts, update notes in CRM)

36% connecting with prospects (virtual and in-person)

16% service tasks (research prospects, follow-up prep)

10% training and internal meetings

7% traveling

7% downtime

It’s safe to say, sales has become quite the juggling act of tools and processes. By the time reps get their act together, prospects go dark and deals go down the drain. No one wants that kind of revenue leak, especially when it’s avoidable.


  • Review recent activity — know what happened in that last conversation
  • Update deal info — opportunity value, stage, close date, etc. (auto-sync to CRM)
  • Create deal rooms — collaborate with deal owners to push to the finish line
  • Quickly prep for your next call, from anywhere
  • One-click access to prospect intel, recent deal activity and meeting info.
  • No more back and forth between half a dozen apps after every sales call. Wingman now pipes in AI-detected next steps from meetings directly into Slack, so reps can update CRM, set reminders or send follow-up emails in a click.

Renewables: A marketplace for sustainable climate solutions

GPS Renewables, a Bengaluru-based bioenergy technology firm, has launched ClimBridge, a curated B2B marketplace exclusively for sustainable climate solutions. ClimBridge aims to help businesses discover products and solutions that can cater to their climate needs.

ClimBridge is a one-stop discovery platform that provides solutions that cover the whole range of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and climate-related themes. From air quality products to waste-to-energy solutions, the platform offers an array of solutions that help address climate change, and speed up sustainability and climate solution adoption.

The Why

Mainak Chakraborty, Founder and CEO, GPS Renewables, said, “Businesses across India have been grappling with the effects of climate change and it’s been a huge challenge for them to find trustworthy solutions to address this. The entire process of discovering credible, trustworthy, and viable sustainability products is cumbersome and time-consuming. With ClimBridge, we want to address this issue and create a seamless platform for businesses to easily discover climate solutions that are carefully evaluated and verified by industry experts.”


  • Listed products are carefully vetted and selected by a team of multi-domain industry veterans.
  • The products are rigorously evaluated to ensure effective and quality listings.
  • The marketplace helps businesses save on time and effort, which would otherwise be spent on product discovery, trial, and error.
  • A dedicated team of climate enthusiasts who can handhold businesses through the entire sales process and beyond.

Gig platform: 1-Hour developer, a unique concept in software development

Federal Soft Systems Inc. has announced that the company will launch a unique platform called 1-Hour Developer keeping in mind the rising demand among small and medium enterprises across the globe, and a need for optimizing the cost and time outgo among large companies. It’s a platform where businesses can employ developers, just for an hour to meet their business and IT requirements thereby saving huge costs and time.

Dr. Kishore Kumar Yedam, Global CEO, Federal Soft Systems Inc. says, “In this unique concept, our 1 Hour developer platform, we have more than 500 developers actively working on it. With a cumulative software development work of more than 650 hours and more than 1200 gigs to date and increasing, day by day is a great achievement of our team.”

The Why

As the software development industry continues to grow, software developers have also taken the stage in the IT environment to create documentation strategies that drive business growth by reducing customer service and problem-resolution costs with a clear and comprehensive approach. And in today’s marketplace, companies of all sizes to stay competitive are investing in custom software solutions. Federal Soft Systems Inc. provides a wonderful solution to clients who want to hire software engineers just for a single day or even an hour based on their needs.


  • Wide range of skills such as JavaScript, Python, NodeJS, etc., that can suit the user’s IT support needs.
  • With a deep bench of skilled technical experts, the platform enables clients to hire software developers for one hour as and when required and keep productivity boosted without any obstacles or hindrances.
  • This platform enables organizations to hire gig workers quickly for a flexible duration & reasonable cost addresses business needs

AI: An upgrade to make living spaces/societies smarter, safer & secure

Cementing its position as a boutique brand solving problems like security, safety and operations by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), Staqu, an Indian AI implementation enabler, has deployed JARVIS, its flagship product with Olive living spaces. With this new proprietary upgrade, JARVIS will be equipped to optimize the resources in an efficient manner, making living spaces/societies smarter, safer and relatively more secure.

Kahraman Yigit, Co-Founder & CEO –  Olive Living  said, “The tie-up with Staqu is in perfect alignment with Olive’s mission and vision to manage properties remotely, make living spaces safer, secure and guarded against delinquents and wrongdoers without increasing overheads. Today we can manage many properties from a remote location with the highest situational awareness in the industry. Staqu has enabled us to migrate the majority of the responsibilities of mid-level management to Jarvis. We are thrilled with this partnership and truly hope that together we can create an ecosystem where technology can achieve its highest potential and support the needs and necessities of modern-day societies.”

The Why

Atul Rai, Co-Founder & CEO of Staqu, said, “The latest Olive Co-living integration in JARVIS comes at a crucial point. Given that modern Co-living spaces are more adaptive to digitize their various monitoring activities, Jarvis helps them in getting insights of all their nooks and corners using the third eye which is an existing CCTV camera equipped with artificial intelligence. JARVIS is being utilized by Olive in streamlining their safety, security, and SOP monitoring protocol with a human independent manner and without any biases.


  • JARVIS will now be able to detect and notify any intrusion in real-time, subsequently alerting the relevant stakeholders.
  • A similar approach will be taken in case of fire, violence, cleaning/mopping, overcrowding detection.
  • Simply by integrating JARVIS with existing CCTV, Olive can verify if all their SOPS are followed or not and provide hassle-free, seamless, and comfortable living space for its members.
  • JARVIS is now equipped to conduct thorough overcrowding analysis and sleeping security guard checks
  • JARVIS provides Video management software along with digital recording and various state of art reports which can be used in various predictive analysis for decision making.


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