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NFTs are entering the entertainment sector leading the way for the future of the movie viewing experience, films as collectible digital art. and Cinema Libre are launching the world’s first NFT film on open sea as part of a new collection.

We are creating a new way to experience cinema and build community involvement in the cinematic process

RZR creator David Bianchi

Also, in the last quarter, Web3 cinema has joined NFTs. Blockchain TV Series RZR (Razor) by Gala Films is paving the way for Web3 cinema with its genesis drop of Film3 NFTs.

Acclaimed actor and filmmaker David Bianchi (“True Story’’ Netflix, “Resident Alien” Universal / Peacock) and founder of blockchain film production company Exertion3 in partnership with web3 entertainment giant Gala is executive producing and starring in the original series ‘RZR’ (Razor), one of the first ever live-action series released exclusively on the blockchain through Gala Film, the latest extension of the Gala entertainment company.

The eight episode blockchain drama is a gritty, sci-fi thriller exploring the chaos of a not-so-distant dystopian Los Angeles. A world steeped in neural implants, hacker culture, and black-market crime, RZR is currently in pre-production.

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Gala’s RZR NFT pre-sale is minting with limited series NFTs for early supporters, with 30% of the supply already sold. NFT holders will receive exclusive rewards, access, and powerful cinematic experiences through four rarity tiers, including Blades (0.076 ETH), The Genesis (0.249 ETH), Concept Vision Boards (1.153 ETH), and The Warehouse (5.768 ETH).

“RZR, the Genesis Gala Film drop is paving the way for web3 cinema driven by community engagement,” shares RZR creator David Bianchi. “Film3 NFTS are still very new and experimental in many collectors’ eyes. We dropped on the news break day of the FTX scandal and moved 25% of the supply is a testament to what is to come (not just at a community level) but for Film3 as a whole. We are creating a new way to experience cinema and build community involvement in the cinematic process.”

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Experiences tied to the RZR NFTs include everything from access to weekly virtual streams and behind-the-scenes footage during filming, an invitation to a RZR table read with the cast and crew, to the opportunity to join the production team onset and the chance to have a speaking role in the series.

NFTs are completely in now, whether you understand them or not. The latest NFT trading craze is a phenomenon, where names are bought and sold for whopping sums. According to Reuters, the process has become ‘a multi-million-dollar lifeline for speculators shivering in the bleak crypto winter.’


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