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Non-contact medtech devices are striving to protect medical personnel from the risk of contracting Corona Virus as they bravely serve the population.

The medtech ecosystem has an opportunity to promote itself to a higher level, because the world is paying attention

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic has doubtlessly thrown technology into high gear, especially medtech. The industry has suddenly had to speed up to come up with equipment that can effectively deal with the burgeoning problems created by the infectious nature of the pandemic.

As the world awaits a vaccine that is expected to end all the abnormality of life right now, medical personnel are at high risk to contract the disease as they assist in medical procedures right from the point that a patient walks into a hospital.

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Technology is striving daily to enable these medical personnel like doctors, nurses, and orderlies to conduct their vital jobs without contact.

Negative Pressure Chambers in Punjab

Last week, Ansys, a US-based global engineering simulation company and IIT Ropar joined forces to install low-cost negative pressure cabins in the government medical centres in the Rupnagar district of Punjab. Ansys has also donated funds through its CSR project towards IIT Ropar’s installation of these cabins.

The design and modelling of Negative Pressure Rooms (NPRs) took shape after a group of professors decided to come up with a solution to protect the frontline health staff working at coronavirus isolation wards. IIT Ropar will be in charge of the manufacture, delivery and installation of these NPRs in Rupnagar, Punjab.

These NPRs are specifically designed isolation rooms in hospitals and medical centres to ensure that released air borne contaminants don’t stay suspended (or leak outside) and is instead scavenged through the ventilation system. It comprises of a sealed plastic canopy, a removable door around the bed of the patient and the suction type ventilation system appropriately placed to maintain the negative pressure and efficient removal of the air borne contaminants.

“We are firm believers that education, technology and the government are the three principal forces that can create much needed positive impacts in the world. The COVID-19 situation has to be controlled soon and technology can pave the way for us.

“This installation in Punjab is a perfect example of how the industry and the academia have come together to aid the government in its time of need. These negative pressure cabins will go a long way in making India self-reliant to fight COVID-19,” Rafiq Somani, Area Vice President – India and South Asia Pacific, Ansys said in a statement.

Non-contact Infrared Digital Thermometer

Meanwhile, in line with the increasing demand for contactless monitoring devices, Secureye, a leading security and surveillance brand in India launched a non-contact infrared digital thermometer under its MediSec product range.

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The thermometer comes with the latest technology at par with international standards. It allows individuals to perform body temperature tests of people from an appropriate distance and within one second. Its ergonomic design allows a firm and comfortable fit into hands, and its simple design enables smooth operations.

Secureye Medisec Thermometer

Secureye Medisec Thermometer

The thermometer claims to provide a stable and heat-interference-free reading every time. This easy to use device displays accurate readings and comes with a fever alarm system.

MediSec’s newly established medical equipment also includes automatic thermometer cameras and body temperature smart screening cameras to quickly scan temperatures in a crowd. Also, their UV Sterilizer Box can quickly and completely kill all kinds of bacteria within six minutes. The product can be used to disinfect objects such as, mobile phones, keys, Bluetooth headsets, earplugs, as well as gold and silver jewelry.

An Opportunity for Medtech

The current unrelenting progress of the pandemic has made transparent many flaws in our medtech ecosystem. The good news is that it has also made plain where we have to fill in gaps. We can see significant demand for specialised, high-tech medical equipment. The medtech ecosystem has an opportunity to promote itself to a higher level, because the world is paying attention.


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