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Google, in collaboration with analysis firm TNS, has released a video depicting the online shopping trends in India currently and what is expected of the online shopping growth in future. The video is based on Google search trends data and consumer research that happened in collaboration with Analyst firm TNS.

Online Shopping Trends Research Highlights

  1. Online shopping trends grew by over 128% over the previous year. Triple digit growth expected this year too.
  2. 9 out of 10 online buyers will spend more money in 2013 as compared to previous year.
  3. Non Metro buyers are increasingly buying online with their contribution increasing much more than the metro online buyers.
  4. Online buyers will use Mobile Phones and tablets more to make purchases online than what they did previously.
  5. Among the all categories, Apparels and accessories category witnessed the most growth and it will surpass even electronics in 2013.
  6. Emerging categories like baby products, health and nutrition are seeing more growth. 2 out of 5 online shoppers buy products from these categories.
  7. Travel will continue to be the gateway of online shopping.  Most of the new shoppers have made purchases in travel category first and then moved to other categories
  8. Top motivators of online shopping growth are faster delivery, Cash on Delivery facility, discounted rates, access to branded products and cash-back guarantee on faulty goods.
  9. Top reasons that prevented online buyers from making purchases online were inability to touch and feel, inability to return goods, longer delivery times, need for posting financial details and inability to bargain
  10. Gaining consumer trust remains one of the most important drivers for online shopping growth in India

Here is the video about the same.

[youtube id=”aW8-FUFPySQ” width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”]


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