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If you have been a prankster or always love to make fun of photos and share the joke with your friends and family, and then there are some funny photos that never loose the comic touch for a life time and you still laugh out loud when ever you see them. There’s something in app store for the prankster in you.

PixDub is a social mobile app which allows you to create photo challenges and initiate photo conversation with your friends. In short, when you are in a mood to have some fun or play prank with your friends, PixDub is the weapon of fun wizards and prank masters.

PixDub has been created in Tel Aviv, Israel by Dror Birzon and Shay Nagel.

We had an opportunity to talk to Dror Birzon, CEO & Co-Founder and know more about PixDub and their future plans.

 SnapChat and Tango are already popular for photo chatting and group gaming and people we even photo chat in comments on instagram and as usual twitter was always there. How is PixDub different? How would you describe the USP?

PixDub’s main advantage over its competitors and its main difference is the use of crowdsourcing to be able to easily transform photos shared by others.

While Snapchat, and Tango focus is on personal photo sharing capabilities, PixDub is all about photo interaction and collaboration. PixDub is all about unleashing your creativity by letting you edit and play with photos together with others (friends and others in the community) to create visual entertaining conversations.

Instagram is all about making you look good in photos and getting likes, while PixDub is pure entertainment. We don’t care how you look like in the photos as long as you have fun. In addition, in PixDub the only option to comment is within the photo which encourages creativity among users.

At present PixDub is available only for iphone, how soon do you plan to launch for android and other platforms?

We plan to launch an Android app in 6 months from now. We are already working on the specifications

can a user start conversation on any picture he discovers on PixDub or only his friends pictures?

That’s the fun part. Users can join conversations started by other users (friends and others in the PixDub community)

Are there any privacy or protect option available, wherein the user can limit his content only to his closed ones?

Currently it is an open community where all users can see the images shared within the application. The plan for future versions is to allow users to create group conversations where they can invite their friends to join the conversation so others cannot see private photos shared among friends.

The Team behind PixDub.

Dror Birzon – CEO, Co-Founder

Dror has over 7 years of experience in the high-tech/software industry. Dror was a Project Manager at Pageflex and Lucent Technologies and was accountable for overall success of projects, from initial identification of needs through scoping, planning, development, delivery and closure. Dror holds a
B.Sc. in Computer Information Systems from Suffolk University, Boston, MA.

Shay Nagel – CTO, Co-Founder

Shay has over 13 years of experience in the high-tech/software industry. Shay was an IT Manager at Delavenne, Webmaster at IUCC, and QA Engineer at Altec Lansing, Gteko and Super Derivatives. Holds a B.Tech. in Software Engineering & Management from Afeka, Tel-Aviv Academic College of Engineering.

What are your future plans for PixDub?

We are planning the following in the next 12 months:

  • Release android version.
  • Release windows version.
  • Release enhanced features and capabilities  such as: group photo conversation, more filters and stickers, more effects such as cutting objects, photo enhancement capabilities and more exciting stuff.




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