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The three most important things for a human being to survive are : Food, clothing and shelter. Love, although not mentioned in this list is definitely a thing without which we cannot survive. It is the basic human instinct to love. Wonder why we do this talk on a tech & startup website? Ofcourse, for a very good reason. When I searched online matrimonial websites for one of my dear friends,  found lots and lots of them. But, which one is trustworthy? Recommendations came flowing to me for, a relationship network portal managed by Mr. Ravi Mittal. is a new age portal to meet new people and date. And hence different from the matrimonial sites which do not serve the purpose of dating.  In Matrimonial sites there is interference of the family while choosing a partner however dating site provides the freedom to choose your date and a platform like this is more for one-on-one conversation between singles.  There are dating sites which mostly cater to International users and others which are poorly maintained and non-functional. in comparison to other dating websites is fully functional, clean and one which works! All profiles are moderated, screened and hence only genuine profiles are accepted. Having said that, users also have the capability to block individual profiles or report fake profiles.

Story so far

The work on started two years ago when Ravi Mittal, Founder & CEO of, was in a dilemma when his friends circle had diminished and wanted to mingle with new people online before taking a plunge on to the ‘M’ word, but had a bitter experience. Having found a lack of genuine dating platform in India lead to the birth of this website which could solve people’s pain points.

“The journey so far has not only been a great learning experience, but it’s an awesome job to help singles mingle with each other and end of the day when they thank you for building such a platform. [pullquote align=”right”] As of today, over 200 male and female members exchange contacts every day and over 25,000 chat messages exchanged every single day.[/pullquote]The traction has been good so far. We’ve grown from adding 10-20 members per day initially to about 1000 registrations per day now. Our current membership strength lies at 2,50,000 members and growing.”, says Ravi Mittal.


How does this work? follows a freemium model.The initial registration is free for all where members get to enjoy the basic features (Create and view profiles, send Waves*, reply to personalized messages and chat requests).  The paid members can enjoy features such as sending personalized messages, initiating chats, auto send personalized messages etc.

*Waves – Waves are templatized and quirky one liners which can be exchanged to begin a conversations such as:

  • Hi! Your profile seems really interesting. Can I find out if it is the same with you?
  • I am not good with introductions, so can we pretend we know each other already

What’s next ?

“ is completely bootstrapped by capital from the founder and has been in the green for over a year now. While, we have been talking to a few investors, we’ve reached a stage where we are growing healthy and strong and perhaps, not having access to ‘a lot of money’ has brought out the best in us.”, says Ravi Mittal.

With growing no. of users accessing the internet using mobiles / smartphones, the team is  readying the base for launching mobile site and smart phone apps. They also have an interesting road-map ahead – From introducing ‘Events’ section where you could specifically find a date for New Year’s eve, Valentine’s Day, etc to location based dating apps.

Advice for Entrepreneurs

“[pullquote]Do not wait for an investor to come knocking your door, if you love what you do, money will come in automatically[/pullquote] was started with passion to do something in the consumer internet space and a pain point which could be solved. If you are passionate about something and if that solves a pain point, your business will succeed”, says Ravi Mittal.


What do we think of

We all deserve love and gone are the days when we wait for our parents to take on the responsibility of settling us down.  Nothing is better in life than a well-understanding partner. offers a really neat interface and caters exclusively to Indians.  For the shy ones, they have readymade templates called Waves. Users can use these to start off the conversation. As always, caution needs to be exercised while screening people on online dating sites. We would love to see more offline events planned by

This also tell us that execution is the king. Although we had lot of matrimonial and dating sites in the past, is liked by their users for their simplicity & effectiveness in keeping the website clean.

If you have any single friends, click that “Share” button and help them to find their One.


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