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Junglee Quikrjust become a little more interesting with Amazon’s Junglee tying–up with online classifieds portal Quikr.

Giving ‘Recommerce’ a powerful boost in India, Online Marketplace Junglee has tied–up with Quikr, the portal that specializes in listing used products for sale.

What will the new synergy entitle? users could always compare prices of new products across hundreds of online shopping sites earlier. But In accordance to the partnership, they will now also find locally available pre-owned products listed on via

In order to get to these listings, visitors to Junglee will have to head to section titled, ‘Related Product Listings’ on the product pages of Here consumers will be able to view relevant classifieds for other similar pre-owned products. Moreover these listings will be pre–selected, screened and presented according to the location of the buyer.

One of the most widely searched for category online is ‘Electronics’ and the duo has chosen to test the efficacy of the partnership by introducing this feature for this particular segment. Incidentally, both the portals routinely handle heavy load for the Consumer Electronics Segment.

One more reason for this vertical to do well in the Recommerce Domain is owing to the relatively miniscule shelf–life of gadgets. Due to the rapid advancement in technology, electronic goods become outdated pretty quickly and end up in the bargain–bin, physical or virtual.

Recommerce could truly reshape the eCommerce Domain in its entirety. Quite common in the western world, large companies and portals, including Amazon routinely list ‘For Sale’ offers on pre–owned goods along–side new SKUs. Customers are free to choose the condition and if their needs are met by buying a used gadget, they are happy to save a few dollars, making sure the eCommerce Portal gains credibility and trust factor.

Junglee, which was an initiation step by Amazon when it entered India, has always been an aggregator and more of a comparison and listing engine as compared to the full–fledged portal which started its operations fairly recently, causing Junglee to lose some of its sheen. This unique Recommerce attempt should enhance its appeal. What do you think?


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