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ServeHappiness is a common platform to connect volunteers and NGOs. A platform where NGOs or social organizations can come and list their want for volunteers. Volunteers, on the other hand,  get the information about such events listing happening for a cause. The aim of this project is to raise the happiness quotient of the society.

Moving forward in the same direction Nitin wants to continue working on his new social venture ServeHappiness and aims to build and improve grass root communities by making projects connecting passionate individuals to the needy people

We had an opportunity to get in conversation with Nitin Tailor, Founder, and know more about ServeHappiness and the mission.

How did you come up with idea of ServeHappiness? What made you initiate such a cause?

ServeHappiness Nitin TailorAs born and brought up in middle class family of small and beautiful town in Bharuch, Gujarat I have always been absorbed to do something dynamic for the society and particularly involve like-minded  enthusiasts to make a difference.

I got awarded Linnaeus Palme Scholarship for my selection as an international student in Malmo Univeristy, Sweden among 200 students across the world. I was being actively involved in all the major international conference and social events held at my college.

I have worked in academia as lecturer in Gujarat in various engineering/MCA colleges after my graduation.I also worked with some well known start up companies in Sweden and Bangalore after my M.Tech (IT).

I always find happiness while working towards bringing change in people’s lives with practical solutions. Taking first steps towards this I have started working as a head to setup a NGO with some prominent personality of India to improve health and education of poor people using latest technology in rural part of my district Bharuch in Gujarat, India. It was challenging task for me as I was working in different sector I have ever worked but found happiness after setting up good foundation which today runs free medical clinic and education center serving thousand of poor people in surrounding area in Piraman Village, Ankleshwar near Bharuch.

I am always passionate about to discuss creative ideas and to make those ideas into implementation to improve our society. Moving in same direction surprisingly I met Anugrah Agrawal, M.Tech (IIT-BHU),Co-Founder, Serve Happiness at start up event by NASSCOM Foundation at IIM Ahmedabad and we discussed on this idea and started working and we got first prize. We decided to carry further this idea and currently we both are working full time on this.

How do you arrange for funds? Do you receive donations?

Currently we are self funded but we are looking for funding to expand our operation all around the globe.

If someone would like to make a donation towards your cause, what are the modes a person can make donations?

It would be online and offline both currently our web portal is under construction which we would launch soon within one month. We are registered not for profit company under sec 25c. So anyone who want to donate they can donate us by cheque. But currently we are more focused in setting up the office and all.

To join your cause all a person needs to do is sign up on your website But can he get in touch with you guys to have some doubts and queries cleared?

Volunteers can register themselves with  or they can be in touch with us by our facebook page We are also planning to setup office with dedicated person who can answer all queries related volunteering in their respected city.

How has been the journey so far? What are the obstacles you are facing and have overcomed?

This decision, however, was not an easy one for me to left good paying job and start something which is not to make money but to create positive impact in society. It was burdened by the apprehensions of my family, by financial constraints, marriage decision. Fears projected by other people always disappointed me. But at them same time reading swami Vivekananda and APJ Kalam’s books encourage me to continuing to contribute my work for society. People/relative used to call me insane sometime as I m not doing job after my M.Tech in MNC but was working in village to set up an NGO to improve poor people’s health and education.

It was Buddha who said, “No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.

I have just inspired with this quote and started my journey of being social entrepreneur. So far journey of serve happiness is quite interesting and inspiring. I am visiting and traveling around the India to get connect with good NGOs , people  to spread the word of Serve Happiness.I am getting very positive response.

People liking this idea and eager to Serve Happiness by volunteering.

Challenge is inevitable and now I am used to that and frankly speaking now I can’t imagine my life without challenges.

Getting funds is the biggest challenge for us as this project is more about creating positive impact in society rather to just make money. Another  major challenge  is to spread awareness about volunteering and make people understand to contribute their leisure time for good social cause as people are more busy with their life. But still there are people in this world who are passionate to help others we want to give them a platform to help other needy people.

We need more youngsters to come forward for noble causes.

History demonstrates effectively that individuals who took their own path, who listened to their inner callings despite the current norms of society, were empowered with the ability to affect real change around them. These were the people who did not take ‘no’ for an answer, who were compelled to find new answers to old questions. We might not all be able to go down in history and become prolific game-changers, but we can all certainly learn the value of listening to our inner voices.

I have just started this project with the thought of helping society in a global way. We have overheard this conversation many a times, “I want to do something for the society but don’t know how we can contribute”. We tried to give answer to such people by creating this platform and just helping them with their search for happiness.

Today everyone is running behind job after completing their study, those who already got job are running behind promotion and more offers. But in this race we are forgetting that our role in this world is not restricted to only ourselves but we also have to contribute to our society, culture, our country. Education should not be just to make money but your knowledge/work should create positive impact in society.

I used to deliver inspiration talks in colleges and schools to make them aware of goal of education and encourage them to do work/job which can bring positive difference and Serve Happiness in this World 🙂


P.S.: If anyone would like to get in touch with Nitin Tailor for his noble cause you can also contact him on his personal email id [email protected].



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