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Online Shopping platform ShopClues has attempted to ensure faster checkouts while shopping.

Christened ‘Express Checkout’, the technique is being claimed to remarkably reduce the amount of clicks it takes to complete the online payment to purchase merchandise from ShopClues, exclaimed Sanjay Sethi, CEO & Co-Founder, ShopClues,

We want our customers to get the best online shopping experience, with minimum transaction time and with maximum security. Customers who access the Internet through mobile devices for online shopping, will find it especially useful since Express Checkout requires very little tying of information. With this feature, users will now be able to shop in 1/4th of the time taken earlier.”

What is Express Checkout? Online Payment Gateway is one of the most critical stages of any online transaction and this is where all the parties are usually the most apprehensive. While the Portal is concerned about quick processing of payment, the customer is concerned whether the link–up between the Bank and Portal is seamlessly established.

To ensure the parties involved in processing the payment aren’t more, Shopping Portals have been recently developing their own iterations. In fact the trend is now quite common and majority of the portals like SnapDeal, Flipkart, eBay and others have their very own Payment Gateway.

Perhaps to ensure individuality, ShopClues has brought forth Express Checkout. Essentially the sub–platform appears to be driven by the Payment Techniques usually and steadfastly adopted by the users. It has been observed that a large majority of users do not deviate from a chosen method of payment and this is where Express Checkout derives its functionality.

Express Checkout picks up Stored Information about the customer’s Usage Pattern and automatically applies it to the Checkout process. These details include the customer’s Preferred Shipment Address, Preferred Payment Type, auto–selection and deduction of available Clues Bucks (reward points) and applicable coupon codes. Additionally, the platform even possesses the capability of storing customers’ credit/debit card details.

On multiple occasions Online Shopping portals working in varied verticals have attempted to shorten the Checkout process. Express Checkout claims that ShopClues’ existing and new customers will be able to place orders in just two clicks. The portal further claims that this will save up to 80% of total transaction time. Hope the portal has built–in enough security features to thwart any attempts of stealing customer data, which now include financially sensitive information too.



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