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Review done by: Samsung Tab 2 (GT P3100)
While you are reading this article, which is an honest review of Shout, I would like to remind you of an app called Circle. Circle is an app where you can see people within 10kms of range. What does shout do? Shout uses Geo tags to adhere your location and makes you see people from 1km to 10km

What are you SHOUTing?

SHOUTing is as simple as real life shouting. Shout, lets you express yourself to the world around you. You post a shout message and anyone with the app around you will be able to view what you have shouted. No need to have a network. No need to add any friends. It will transform the way people unite.

Let your hostel herd hoot , the gossip gang go-berserk, your colleagues at work shout it out and friends at play sledge. If you like someone’s shout simply echo it and make it reachable to many more. And if you think its a non-sense just shut-up the shout. Also make your shouts easier to find by people around you, by using hashtags while shouting.


Why Shout And Why Not To Shout

Shout allows you to use hashtags

Hashtags are used by Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. So Shout needs time to compete

Unlike other apps/websites, Shout‘s main forte is to look for people near you

Shout tried to integrate Facebook, Omegle and Circle. Which is…not a bad idea

There are not much app with this concept in the market

Shout is new to the market, does not respond well to Google search

Good to see people near you in metro towns and other big cities

You cant do anything if you live in a remote area. There ARE no people near you

TTP’s take on Shout:

Shout is an Indian app which is the best alternative to Circle app. The concept of this android app is like this: The world has KFC and India has it too, but there is no homeland KFC for real Indian taste. We @ TTP think Shout app has a concept that is very much accepted by everyone. Talking to strangers is just Choco Chips, seeing what strangers are around you is Death By Chocolate.


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