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How Does It Work?

Lets have some fun. Lets click a random image with this android app, upload it in SnapSwap database and receive anonymous comments as reply. After using SnapSwap and optimising all the features it provides, much to my amazement there were many advantages over disadvantages. Nice concept, but it is failing to survive long run needs of people. I bet you cannot expect more from an app in the beta stage and merely launched 10 days ago.

You click a picture from this app and then upload it. When you upload it, SnapSwap send you a picture click by a stranger instantly. Geolocation tag is ON for all the pics inside SnapSwap database for you to know the location. Now, you are allowed to communicate with 2 people: One, who comments on your picture and Two, when you comment on that anonymous picture. You cant say this is an advantage or a disadvantage, because it really abates a headache of talking continously with strangers and on the other side it is targeting selfie groups who wants to chat like an introvert. Here is how you need to get it started:

Step 1: No problem. Download it from the Playstore

Step 2: Open the app and click a pic. Click upload to upload it in their database. Your Geolocation will be ON and the receiver will know where this pic is from.Screenshot_2014-01-25-17-31-04


Step 3: You have completed all the processes. Now you will receive a picture clicked by anonymous user.


Step4: It is upto you to reply in the received pic. But you can receive a message from an anonymous person who gets your uploaded image.


Step 5: That is all about SnapSwap. You can continue uploading pics and have a fun 馃檪



1) Your identity is not exposed except location.

2) Quick upload of pics and quick receiving of pics from complete strangers.

3) Compels us to chat with them without disclosing about the identity.

4) Stick to one-on-one chat. No interference of 3rd Party.

5) These are the permissions used:


6) Tablet Compatible

7) One of the exciting feature is that you can receive likes and dislike for your pics, you can also do the same to others!


8) The best feature that one can come across is giving an opportunity to for people to comment.



1) 140 char limit for comments. You cannot send further than this.

2) You have to wait for anonymous person to reply to your comment.

3) People cannot continue sharing random pics, they can only sway conversation with comments.

4) You cannot turn off notifications. So you possibly have to reduce the notification ringtone overall.

5) For a limit, you are restricted with uploading pics if you don’t receive comments.

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