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SMEs often struggle with plethora of options available to them, and do not possess the skills or time to pick the best vendor/software. In order to solve this problem, Ahmedabad based Ankit and Piyush founded in Jan-2014 with a view to help SME’s get the right software for their needs. Both come from  business family background. Ankit had pharma business and Piyush had wood business in family.

Softwaresuggest has already got good traction in the market with some of the well known and established names are in clientele list like Times, Dresse-Rand ( Listed organization ) , Azad Transport to name a few.

We catch up with the founders for a quick chat –

What is

At Software Suggest,

Step 1: We understand our clients requirement which includes factor like number of users, industry, business goals, budget etc.

Step 2: Our team of expert do an intensive research on the requirements specified by the client and shortlist 1-3 best vendors who meet their specific requirements.

Step 3: We connect our clients with the vendors and help them all through the selection process. The client decide on the software vendor after evaluating the vendors. There is no commitment to purchase from vendors suggested by us i.e. the client can also decided to purchase from a vendor not suggested by us.

Step 4: And our service is FREE for our clients- Businesses, Organizations & Professionals !!!

How Does Makes Money ? had tied up with software vendors which works like this; when ever a prospective client submits requirement to , this team finalize list of vendors whom SME should contact and once the SME purchases this software from listed vendors , softwaresuggest earns money as per their agreement with vendor.

Challenges for

One of the main challenge for this team is to get more number of vendors on board first and not only that the vendors should of good quality . Also getting clients as one another big challenge as of now.

Which Geographical areas is targeting ?

Softwaresuggest has aim to present itself nationally which means this team is going to help SME’s from all over India and the same way vendors from all over India can register themselves to provide their services.



Softwaresuggest is team of around 10 people right now and they will be adding 5 more people in near future. Also these entrepreneurs duo has commenced one very good platform for helping those who are non tech but want to build something, This is the platform where Ankit and Piyush helps non tech entrepreneurs with technology for their start up. So if you have idea in your mind but do not know how to code , you can approach , they will assess your idea , have discussion with you and then mutually you can start working together.

TTP’s take on

The startup aims to solve a real problem faced by SMEs to get the right software for their needs at an optimal price point.  This is also an opportunity for the budding startups in respective areas to get leads right from their customers.  The success of this startup depends on two things – a) quality of vendors and b) Assessment by team to determine the best solution.  We would suggest the team focus on building a massive and trusted vendor database first, as few satisfied SME’s should help do the word of mouth marketing.  We wish the team very best!


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