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It was supposed to be a lazy Saturday early evening for Ahmedabad on 8th Feb,2014 but how can it be so  when February Chapter of Start Up Saturday has something great to offer for aspiring entrepreneurs .

February Chapter of Start Up Saturday – “Uncut versions of Real Startup Stories” got amazing response from everyone including students , aspiring entrepreneurs , government employees and existing entrepreneurs too !

The guest speakers were as excited to share their journey as the audience in the Conference Hall of CIIE Campus,IIM Ahmedabad. We have had some really interesting start up’s at this event who helped us understand their journey till now. Start up’s like, , appbin labs participated with some lightning speeches done by founders of Illuminatiworks , Iflip technologies ( online and event partner for this event ), Cypher Sec solutions.

Here is what our guest speakers shared with our audience at the event.

The is a online portal which helps you know which events are happening around the world today or any given day. Also one can create event on this portal based on respective objective. It has two models – free and paid.

Allevents .in gets 2 million visits a month from all over the world now has great inventory of events around the world. Some pearls of wisdom from the duo co-founders –

> Never rely on single source of revenue

> Good content is key to marketing

> Keep building good product without worrying about revenue , if you are concerned about revenue first then do some other economic activity

> Raising money is not that fancy as it looks. Try and bootstrap your start up and make it profitable.

This is a visual cloud collaboration tool for those who work may be from remote locations but on the same project. has participated in many business plan competitions and also won couple of them too. It has been incubated at iAccelerator. has raised funds from couple of investors to the tune of Rs 10 lakh till now for further development of their product .The theme of the duo cofounder was make sure the start up you are aspiring for must be able to solve some real and tangible solution of customer problem.

About raising investment from investors, their learning is you got to have committed team and the product must have some social impact ( must solve some real problem of customers) then there are high chances of getting investment cheque soon.

APPIN Labs –

This is basically a start up for developers. Appin provides tools for developers for creating application on cloud with minimal hassle. Their USP is they provide backend as service to their users.

Illuminatiworks –

This is one of the interesting start up to look out for. You call must have heard about Trucaller application where you can get name of the caller in case you do know about it but imagine if you want to know location of the caller ? is the answer to this problem. If you have received a call from someone whom you do not know and you want to know name and location you can get to know from . You have to download their application which consumers less battery than any other app in the world ! Connect it with facebook and that’s it !

One must remember it is two way process! Once you connect with FB to get callers location, you are also sharing yours ! It is free application and will remain so forever!

Cypher Sec

This start up is working for other start ups in securing their data and online property. There are cases of getting your website hacked nowadays, Cypher Sec can help you prevent all such things from Life

IFlip Technologies and Events

Iflip  technologies provides website designing and development services with marketing. Iflip is also present in event management industry and provides such services to the clients

This chapter of start up Saturday was really interesting and insightful. Reading about this start ups what is your opinion ?


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