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The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India launched an immersive Digital Mobile Van and VR Experience Centre on 2nd February ‘2023 to mark the occasion of the G20 Digital Economy Working Group (DEWG) Meeting to be held in Lucknow from 13th to 15th February ‘2023. The Mobile Van was launched at the Sushma Swaraj Bhawan in New Delhi.

The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath flagged off the ‘Digital India Mobile Van’ and VR Experience Centre on 5th February ‘2023 at his residence in Lucknow for the citizens of Lucknow. The van is travelling across Lucknow to give citizens an unforgettable immersive experience of the journey of ‘Digital India’ mission launched by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi in 2015.

The van offers 5 unique immersive experiences to the citizens that will educate them on India’s digital transformation over the last decade.

It is noteworthy that the G20 Digital Economy Working Group is constructing a digital experience centre at the Hotel Centrum in Lucknow which will be displayed from 13th–15th February ‘2023. The 2,500-square-foot experience centre will feature more than ten unique and customised digital exhibitions. The immersive experience centre will accentuate the ideology of ‘Technology Follows Experience, Experience Follows Content’ by portraying a diligent amalgamation of interactive and non-interactive elements that will narrate how Artificial Intelligence has evolved in India. The experientially enhanced centre will decipher how India has accomplished the Ease of Living, Ease of Employment, Ease of Mobility and Ease of Doing Business with the utilisation of digital technology.

The experience centre will incorporate world-class technologies like Interactive Displays, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Machine Learning (ML), touch displays etc. Innovative technologies like Chat GPT and Artificial Intelligence are the pivotal attractions of this exhibition.

Another incredibly exciting attribute of the experience centre is the Traction Table, an interactive table that will demonstrate how AI is used in daily life. There will be a variety of scale models of houses, cars, and other items on the table that interact with guests in interesting ways.

Visitors can ask questions regarding their concerns in the spheres of their personal, professional, and spiritual lives at an installation called ‘Ask Gita.’ Through the medium of the sacred ‘Shlokas’ from the divine ‘Bhagavad Gita’, the audience will receive responses from the ‘Digital Gita’.

The experience centre emphasises the utilisation of cutting-edge, dynamic, and robust technology. The citizens’ overall experience will be enhanced by various technological applications, making it more immersive and interactive. The development of spaces and techniques that highlight the material for visitors in a distinctive way has been aided by innovative exhibition designs and technologies in the digital centre.

The van, developed on immersive design & technologies, aims to educate the citizens about the evolution of Digital India and many initiatives under it that led to the technological development of the country. It will introduce the audience to the iconic journey of Digital India since 2014. MeitY along with the G20 Digital Economy Working Group have ardently contributed towards the realisation of this Mobile Van that has been conceptualised and executed by Tagbin.

Tagbin has meticulously devised the mobile van to render an engaging experience to the audience with the incorporation of advanced technologies like Virtual Reality (VR), Immersive zones, Anamorphic videos, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and much more. 

1. Immersive Show: The experientially engaging show will feature a controlled display where a mechanism on a 3-sided screen panel and a tablet kiosk that controls the year-wise voyage will exhibit the journey year-by-year. Various successful initiatives of the government to be exhibited on the technologically advanced show.

2. Virtual Reality Digital India Journey: This exhibit takes visitors on a VR game ride across a village in Lucknow. For this, a VR setup with two chairs and other equipment will be made outside the mobile van. The visitors can use an automobile simulator to virtually visit a village in Lucknow and explore various applications under the Digital India flagship programme to see how the digital revolution in India has improved people’s quality of life. 

3. Interactive Quiz: To engage the Lucknow residents and enhance their knowledge about digital India and the G20, an interactive quiz will be available on two of the displays outside of the van. The users can play the quiz on mobile phones by scanning the QR code displayed on the screen.

4. Anamorphic Video: Branding will be shown on the back of the mobile van employing anamorphic technology that uses real-world 3D information for data presentation.

5. Engaging Videos: The VR mobile van travelling across Lucknow city will primarily be there to render knowledge and insight to locals about G20 DEWG events that will be hosted there and in other cities. The G20 DEWG timetable is installed on display screens on both sides of the vehicle. 

While commenting on the significance of the Digital India Journey and Digital Experience Centre, Saurav Bhaik, the founder and CEO of TAGBIN said, “We at TAGBIN believe in leveraging the potential of technology and Artificial Intelligence to spread the word about India’s digital transformation over the years. On the same note, we are delighted to join hands with DEWG and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in the technologically progressive initiatives of establishing an immersive experience centre and a VR mobile Van in the culturally rich city of Lucknow. The van will travel across the city to impart knowledge about the ramifications that the various initiatives under the Digital India flagship bring with it. The shows to be exhibited on the Digital Mobile Van are intended to instil the essence of the G20 DEWG in the city. We would like to emphasise the importance of the digital Experience Centre based at the Hotel Centrum which will entice the audience with its niche Artificial Intelligence-oriented interactive features like ‘Ask Gita’ which will impart insight into visitors’ queries related to their spiritual lives. Apart from the stated feature, the digitally enhanced experience exhibition will educate the citizens on the vital digital journey of India and the technological development of eminent sectors like Agriculture, Health etc. We anticipate that the mentioned initiatives will educate the citizens by imparting an entertaining and experientially immersive experience.”

Notably, TAGBIN has been associated with numerous digital campaigns. The ‘Rohtang VR Bus Project’ is also an illustrious project proposed by the experience-driven technology service company that will highlight the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Himachal Pradesh while updating the audience about the issues related to environmental conservation using immersive technology. Apart from the mentioned, TAGBIN has successfully worked on the execution of multiple Digital Museums like the Pradhanmantri Sanghralaya and launched diverse digital campaigns such as Digital Sankalp, Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, Har Ghar Tiranga and many more.


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