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It’s true – technology really is getting bigger and better. While just a few decades ago, you’d need to pop down to the shop to get hold of something you wanted, nowadays all it takes is a quick scan online.

Increasingly, businesses are turning to the internet to sell their wares, and since the internet offers such a good platform with which to spread the word about a product or a service, it’s no wonder that these days things are getting pretty digital.

One thing that technology is great for is making life a little easier. Let’s have a look at some recent innovations which has embraced how easy tech can make everyday life.


The right fit

The days when you had to go into a fitting room in a shop to try on a dress or suit are over, with the abundance of online fitting rooms available on many high-street brand websites. In order to solve the tricky problem of returns of clothing that just doesn’t fit after it has been ordered online, technology has stepped forward to provide shoppers with a more assured way of getting the right size.

One such tool is that provided by, which allows online shoppers to customise mannequins according to their own size and shape so there’s no doubt about which size to choose.

Lingerie retailer Figleaves has gone a step further with its online bra fitting room – making it much easier for women to choose the right size for them, the wholly interactive guide allows users to find their bra size and learn a little more about which lingerie item is right for them. All the information you could get in a store, but online.

Blurring the lines

Physically going to a store to pick out your next outfit doesn’t have to be tech free any more, according to Brazilian retailer C&A. By the installation of an LCD screen into clothes hangars, shoppers are able to see how many Facebook ‘likes’ any particular look has garnered.

The ‘likes’ are updated in real time according to clicks on C&A’s Facebook page.

As far as augmented reality goes, things are getting pretty impressive. Japanese food company Yihaodian current has plans to open up 1,000 augmented reality supermarkets – that is, a supermarket that you can walk around by using your smartphone or tablet.

Who knows what technology is lined up next for ecommerce?


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