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Facebook introduced birthday reminders and now we also have the option to wish our friends without even having to go to their profile. Well, Facebook both perfected and ruined the birthday. At first, it was the greatest convenience—never forget a special day ever again! And suddenly it has just lost meaning. On Facebook, your birthday is automated and empty because nobody has to devote a single shred of mental energy to remembering or celebrating it. It is a great tool for a person like me cause I hardly remember birthdays, but come on its not going to make me any better, rather its getting worse.

Your birthday used to be an event—now it’s a notification. Thanks to Facebook, nobody has to make any effort to remember it. As the clock hits midnight, you’ll find “happy birthday!” on your Facebook wall. That too if you are lucky, else you might get some really shorter versions too like I got once, “hpy bdy”.

This is the modern birthday.

The intimacy is gone. The thoughtfulness is gone. And that’s sad. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Now comes the question, what do we have to do to change this?

Start Wishing in Advance

If you really care about someone, you need to wish them an early happy birthday to prove that its not Facebook that reminded you all of a sudden. Yes, it’s the only way you can prove you actually remembered someone’s birthday. Write on their wall the night before or maybe even days before! It might sound crazy but seriously, try it out.

Example: Have a great birthday tomorrow!

Write an Actual Message not on a Facebook Wall

This might shock you to the point of actual death, but you can express warm birthday feelings outside of Facebook. Send an email, send a text, start a video call. Don’t be one among the other on the Timeline wall. You could even drop a message on Facebook.

Lets start making that extra effort, lets actually be more social. I bet, you’ll be remembered by that person for your personal wishes.

Lets make the world a better place 🙂


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