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It has not been too long since I decided to take the plunge. I still don’t consider myself an entrepreneur though. I would rather call myself a wantrepreneur (wanna be entrepreneur). But the little time I have been around the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem, I have learnt a lot of things. Today, I pen down three of them:

1. It is important to fail

Yes, you read it right. It is important to fail. Why? Because from what I have seen,  many young CEOs who have achieved far too much success at a very young age tend to be too cocky. The experience of failure – financially, professionally, will make you an infinitely better businessman, teacher and a better person, for that matter.


In fact, I spoke to a few investors and this is what one had to say, “I don’t invest in or hire anyone who hasn’t failed in the past, as their education isn’t complete.” Failure is the best teacher. They don’t call it a pillar to success for nothing, right?

2. Time is crazily important

One thing I realized very soon, Time is not money, its even more important than money. Learn to manage your time well, else you’ll soon lose money as well as your mind!

time management

Also, a lot of people do give away their time and knowledge for free. I really appreciate them but if you think the effort you put in to learn things and gain knowledge deserves a price, go ahead and ask for it. Do not repent later when you run short of time. Prioritize your work and try maintaining a work-life balance. I know it is hard as an entrepreneur and for us our startup is our baby, but I’ll say it again, have a life too!

Give time to your near and dear ones and make them feel equally important.

3. Be humble and people will genuinely help you

This is something that has been my most important take from life so far. Humility is something which not too many people have once they taste success. As an entrepreneur it is so important to be humble. Treat your teammates, partners and customers well because the day you taste failure they’ll be the only ones who’ll stand by you.

Be humble

A huge success today may change your attitude and make you too self-confident, but someday this attitude will cost you dearly.

Be humble, and take pride in humility.


Do let us know what have been your best three learning so far.


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