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facebook icon facebook icon, a lifestyle portal by Times Internet, has launched an upgraded version of its local search app for finding restaurants, movies, events and nightlife.

Back in May this year Timescity launched its mobile application on Android, iOS and Blackberry and now it has unveiled a redesigned application with more features inclined towards personalization of content for users.

How does it differ from its previous version?

In an earlier version Timescity mobile app was more of a local search app across multiple categories i.e. Restaurants, Bars & Clubs, Events and Movies. In its latest “avtar” the app shows content based on recommendations by users and critics review along with the local search.

The home page of the upgraded version now shows a cluster of recommendations across all categories where earlier, home page displayed movies prominently.

So for instance, now a user will know the movies playing in given vicinity along with the trending movie of the month on the top. That’s pretty cool as it tells a user what people are loving saving him/her time to decide.

In terms of UI, the upgraded app has renamed its categories, now showcasing four sections, which are “Restaurants, Movies, Nightlife and Events”. Previously “Restaurants, Bars & Clubs, Events” were the main listed with movies listed on homepage.

A “Trending” section, one like in twitter, is introduced on the home page. Also a tab “what’s hot” is a new addition in the updated design, that too on the home page. Both displays the most happening and popular places/ activities in a particular locality.

Picture2timescity homepage


Also the reviewing mechanic has been redesigned making it more interactive and easier. The application also asks some basic questions to know more about a user’s choice and preferences only to serve more personalized content when next time a user logs in.

timescity app

The social factor has been kept in mind in the new design as a tab “Plan” helps users to connect with their Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter or Email contacts in a go thus helping users to plan activities in a group.

Other features such as filters based on preference of distance, ratings and price etc are still there making the app useful for filtering manually.

In August this year, TimesCity acq(h)ired Gawbl, a Pune based Android based app which suggests food based on the user’s mood. Gawbl founder Chiragh Kirpalani joined Timescity along with some other teammates.


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