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The ability to deal with people is undoubtedly one of the most important attribute required in an Entrepreneur . This one particular trait can distinguish an effective entrepreneur from an ineffective one. Though Persuasion should never be confused with manipulation. Manipulation is forced and commanded. Whereas, Persuasion involves encouragement and motivation. Persuasion should make a person do something that is in his own best interest but also benefits us. This requires some effort and dedication. Here are a few tips to successfully persuade people-

1. Be genuinely interested in the other person.

It is one the most important rule, not just to persuade people but also to effectively communicate with them. Put yourself in the shoes of the other person. See thing from their perspective. Try to understand their thoughts and opinions. A good listener is always a good communicator. And a good communicator is a good persuader!

2.  Be enthusiastic and kind.

When you feel exuberant from within, the aura around you automatically will set things right. First feel good from inside and then transmute the positive energy to the other person. Greet them cheerfully, talk more about their interests and smile a lot. It will not only make the the person feel comfortable but also he will enjoy your company. This will certainly help you to persuade him successfully.

3. Provide sincere appreciation.

Do not confuse it with flattery. Flattery is selfish and unkind. Appreciation is sincere and uplifting. First, recognize the positive traits in the person and then feel free to compliment them. It will not only help you to persuade people but also strengthen your relationship with them.

4. Create an impression of your product’s high-demand.

If you succeed in creating an impression that everyone else is trying to buy the same product or service, the person will certainly have an urge to purchase it quickly. This tip, however, will require some effort and time to work effectively. Make the person realize that the demand for your product is very high and many people are trying to buy it.

5. Provide limited options.

Limited options does not mean to provide them with a take-it-or-go-home offer. Rather it refers to maintaining the integrity of your product by not providing too many offers. The person will tend to take your product casually and may end up not purchasing it. It is therefore important to provide a few, though reasonable, options. Head&shoulders once decided to discontinue 11 flavors of shampoo, leaving only a few flavors for the buyers. The sales increased to 110%.

6. Identify the persuadable.

Though everyone can be persuaded, provided you use skill and effort. But in the short run, it is easier to identify a group of people which can persuaded in a simple( not easy) manner. Political parties use this tip quite often. Before the elections, they focus all their energies on the people who can be persuaded easily and vote in their favor. So go out there and persuade the persuadable!

7. Create an impression of urgency.

This tip should be used very carefully. First create a scarcity for your product and then mildly persuade the person to purchase your product right away. Do not over-indulge in this activity. It should not look as if you are desperate to sell the product. Just inform the buyer about the scarcity and then persuade them to buy by it. This trick, if mastered, will certainly work wonders for you!

P.S.- Read Dale Carnegie’s classic book, How to win friends and influence people!





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