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cardsTitliyan, as the name suggests, are the colors that fill your life beautifully and creatively. Have you ever seen anybody, who saw a butterfly hovering around and not smiled, the obvious answer is a big ‘No’. So it is only obvious that Aditi  Chauraisia, Aanchal  Chaurasia and Vaishali Chaurasia would name their company Titliyan, for their handmade cards convey your feelings for your loved ones as a butterfly does. We have a chat with Aditi about their dreams, journey and the fun.

Childhood dreams

Titliyan, as a company has been in existence only for a few months, but has existed in our hearts since our childhood. When we were young, we spent hours making a card to wish our friends and family on special occasions like birthday, friendship day, Diwali, New Year’s Eve, etc and even made special cards to wish our teachers on Teacher’s day. Everyone remembers their most favorite childhood painting: a hut alongside a river, a coconut tree, sun rising behind the mountains, birds flying in the sky and a few grass. This is the very first foundation of Titliyan in the heart of us all three Titliyan(Aditi, Aanchal,Vaishali).

We design handmade cards for you and make them in a way, that when your special one holds them in their hands it will say more than what you imagined expressing. Whenever we design any card, we get emotionally involved like we are making it for our own special ones.

The entrepreneur’s dilemma

A few months back, one of my friends whom I gave a New Year card suddenly suggested me to form a startup and sell handmade cards. He was very much impressed by the beauty and the feelings it expressed. He said your cards always express more than words and I should give others also the chance to express their feelings the same way. Back then I did not consider it seriously and kept saying “who is going to buy them, there are lots of ways of expressing feeling and there are many more big brands doing the same from decades”.

But only a week later one of my friends from Kota was in Indore, she stayed at our place and I was making birthday cards for one of my friends. She was also impressed by my cards and suggested that I start my own company. That time I was in the 3rd semester of my MBA, and was placed in a leading finance company in Mumbai and had to join in 20 days. It was a very crucial time for me, because in those 20 days I had to choose one among the two – either follow my heart and go for Titliyan or go for the job, which was pretty much every MBA student’s wish. My stupid friends 🙂 gave me confidence and started giving me orders for cards by saying that their friends were demanding them.

Following my heart

The words of my professor Ms. Anindita, who was teaching about Entrepreneurship at my college, were also a motivation for me. She said, “The right time to start with the idea is the time when it comes right in the mind because even a delay of a day, or else somebody will pick it up”. I declined my job offer and launched Titliyan was soon enough we were buzzing around like butterflies 🙂

The journey so far

We have delivered 20 orders so far, in just a month. And the best thing is our customers love our cards and contact us the next time they need handmade cards! In total we have delivered about 735 cards.

Today I am so happy that I am doing something that I enjoy to do for hours without feeling tired or bored and at the same time being appreciated by customers and friends. My parents have always stood by me and my cute younger sisters are the life on Titliyan and help me in designing cards.

The way ahead

Now with help of Ashish Agarwal,  Founder of ExpertStore, Anirudhha Mishra, Founder of, and Ramesh Kumar, Founder of, we are planning to sell our cards online also.

About the founders


Aditi  Chauraisia

Aditi loves to make people happy through her creative work. She used to make cards for her friends, parents as her hobby during her childhood and now it’s not limited just to her loved ones, but for everyone who like art.

Aanchal  Chaurasia

Aanchal  likes to design cards all the time in various styles, a hobby she developed while she was still a student. She used to do this for fun earlier but now she has a big reason to design for ‘Titliyan’. Her cards convey your messages to your loved ones in a simple, beautiful & creative way.

Vaishali Chaurasia

She likes to experiment with different fonts, styles, colors and sometimes even turns junk into creatively and beautifully crafted cards. Her writing adds a perfect 5 stars to their cards and has been appreciated by everyone who has bought cards from Titliyan’. 

What we think of Titliyan 

In today’s world everything is going digital, while this may be good for some purposes there are certain things that simply cannot be expressed with 0s and 1s. What better can be there to show your love than a beautifully hand-crafted card. We wish the Titliyans all the best in expanding their business and we hope this article gives confidence to the budding entrepreneurs, especially women to not be afraid and follow their hearts, for the sky’s the limit for your dreams!


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