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1) AndroidTapp:

Crisp, Sharp and to the point. This is seriously the best android app reviews blog. They also cover news, but even that swifts to the point, no fuss, not much into what the people are talking, no charts and graphs, news delivered simple and clear.

They even interview app developers, I rarely find tech blogs interviewing the developers or programmers.

I never even found anyone reviewing games in detail, with pictures, classifying the pros and cons, the addictiveness, accelerometer, etc. It’s like reading the anatomy of the game. Though the detail diagnosis may not be available for every game, but it’s there for most of them.

For keeping updates on the latest apps and games, you can follow them on twitter, their handle is @androidtapp or at

2) Android Appstorm:

This one’s my favorite. Android Appstorm is apps reviewed but with a difference, if you don’t like detailed scrutinizing, then this one is for you, it gives an HowTo along with reviewing the app.

Android Appstorm is by Envato, which is quite famous among designers and developers for their market places and their tutsplus network.

You’ll not only find app reviews but also feature explanations and useful HowTos. I love them for their HowTos, they are clearly explained with proper pictures, nothing more needed.

They don’t deliver news, but they have a weekly column “This week in Android” by Connor Turnbull, wherein they provide a short summary and snippets of events happened in the week. If you are not much of a news guy, then this one will be helpful in keeping a touch base with the updates on whats happening in the android world.

If you regularly follow and read Android Appstorm articles, you’ll truly become a tech savvy, if you are not one. You’ll have a better understanding of features which you may have not even explored yet.

For sincerely keeping up with the apps, features and howtos and to become an evangelist if you love your android, follow on twitter, their handle @droidappstorm and even at

3) AndroidPit:

For the entrepreneurs, the money people and gadget lovers, AndroidPit is the best updates source for you.

You won’t find long boring news talks, its short, neat and concise declamation of the event.

And don’t consider it any usual tech blog just by looking at the front page, Android pit is run by serious android aficionados. If you are new to the world of android or were not in sync with happenings and events that took place, this is the site to visit to get the lean synopsis.

AndroidPit consists on Editorial Teams based in USA, Germany, Spain, Russia, Brazil, France, Italy and Turkey.

You can follow them on twitter, their handle @AndroidPITcom and

Photo Source: Getzschman


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