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These days, mostly everything is done right from your smartphone. You can keep track of your finances, enjoy playing fun games, keep organized, control things in your home and so much more. If you are a blogger or have a company blog that you have to maintain on the go, you can even sit back and compose new entries right at your fingertips on your smartphone. Of course, having the right device is key to your enjoyment of blogging in this manner. Great apps like WordPress, BlogPress, Flipboard, Durpal and LiveJournal can provide you with an enjoyable experience as they make for a top blogging experience on your smartphone. Here are the top smartphones for blogging.

Nokia Lumia 920

The Nokia Lumia 920 is the flagship Windows Phone 8 smartphone. With its brilliant 4.5 inch crystal clear HD screen and Windows Phone 8’s exceptional keyboard, it is a snap to blog directly from this device. You can download the WordPress app from the Windows Phone Store and enjoy hours of updates to your own personal blog, wherever you are. You can view statistics, edit your content and even manage comments left on your blog within the app. The marriage of the app with the Lumia 920 provides you with a seamless user experience.

Samsung Galaxy S III

Another great smartphone that is perfect for bloggers is the Samsung Galaxy S III. With its 4.8 inch Super AMOLED screen and large onscreen keyboard, you will find it much to your liking when you are updating your blog. What’s more, you can download any number of top blogging apps courtesy of Google Play and even start a blog in your built in notes app if you are in a place that doesn’t offer Wi-Fi and you aren’t willing to use your cellular data. You can later copy and paste the entry in its entirety into blogging apps such as WordPress, Blogger, BlogIt! and more.

Samsung Galaxy Note II

Like the Galaxy S III, bloggers should greatly enjoy the Samsung Galaxy Note II for their favorite pastime. It includes a beautiful 5.5 inch Super AMOLED touchscreen that has an HD resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels. Using the device for note taking is fairly easy as it includes an S-Pen if the individual prefers not to swipe the keyboard with his or her finger.

BlackBerry Q10

BlackBerry is extremely well known for its family of great smartphones that include full QWERTY keyboards. The next expected device, the BlackBerry Q10, will be released in April 2013 and has a Super AMOLED 3.1 inch touchscreen in addition to the QWERTY keyboard, giving users a choice of whether they prefer to blog through it or onscreen. Many will likely opt for the former as it is extremely easy and fast to type accurately with it.

iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is another excellent smartphone for bloggers. It has a larger Retina screen than its predecessors at four inches, which makes it easier to read and edit entries. Typing up your blog entries via apps such as WordPress, BlogPress and others that are popular or specific for the iPhone is simple thanks to the iOS keyboard, which has always been favored over that of other smartphone platforms. Everything is usually easier on the iPhone, and the blogging apps have attractive and simple user interfaces just as other apps in the iTunes App Store are known to be.

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