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When thinking of launching a new startup, it’s always advisable to go ahead with one of the market areas/niches that are trending among the masses. This reduces plenty of effort on your part when you decide to market your product or service; since the concerned marketing methods have already been tested by the existing services out there. Another benefit to this is that the trending markets are always versatile and are ready to try new ideas and products, which is a great benefit for progressing startups. Below listed are some of the top trends in business, for 2013.

1. Cloud Services

Cloud services entered the web just a few years ago and have become the fastest growing product in web hosting right now. The present market value of the sector is nearly $48 billion, and according to many experts, up to 10% of the overall IT spending worldwide would be made in this sector. There are no signs that this trend is going to slow, as well. As the cloud services continue to expand further, its customer base among the small businesses owners and individual users keep seeking – and finding – increased benefits in using these services.

2. CrowdFunding

Crowdfunding started as a way to support a common cause by many people. However, the applications of this type of funding style have evolved over the years, and now crowdfunding is used by investors to look for and make better investments. This has added unprecedented value to this business trend and in the year 2013, crowdfunding is showing all indications of growing big among the masses. In 2012, Kickstarter, a crowdfunding firm, had its project funded for $2 to $10 million. This trend is going to add more steam as the experts believe that crowdfunding could reach annual transactions of up to $500 billion dollars in the coming years.

3. Mobile Payment Solutions

The mobile payment solutions market is expanding rapidly in the amount of services that it provides to the users. The range of services start from mobile banks, social mobile payments, payments between mobile devices and other NFC enabled devices, and mobile payments which are made from the core of other products. The companies which are providing these services achieved some very competitive targets in the year 2012 and are expected to expand faster in 2013. As the companies and users are looking for ways to make sending and receiving money, safer and easier, it opens up a vast spectrum of services which you could provide to fill in the gaps.

4. Social Goodness

There are many entrepreneurs who are socially conscious and are developing various websites and services which serve to promote social goodness. One such example is, which has improved the social communications and conversation between people at the grassroots level. This trend is catching up among other entrepreneurs who want to provide more platforms which act as a base for promoting social goodness and uniting the people who are working together for a common, good cause. In the year 2013, this trend in social goodness would continue to grow in margins as more and more users are gradually educated about the same, as well.

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