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When you design a website, it goes without saying that the user interface plays a massive role. If the user interface is intensely complicated, visitors are likely to steer clear of your website and look elsewhere, thus giving your competitors an upper hand over the situation. Usually, a web designer gets so engrossed in selecting the perfect colour scheme and typography for a website that they end up neglecting one of the most important aspects of web designing – the user interface. However, there is a wide range of user interface kits that are available at a web designer’s disposal whether you work for a company specialising in website design New York or simply work as a freelancer. Given below are some simple, accessible and free tools for designing just the right user interface for your websites.

1.)   Uikit:

A self explanatory name, this user interface kit is extremely lightweight and produces results that are stunning and effective at the very same time. It boasts of a modular framework and is known for speeding up the websites load time while still providing the best user experience in terms of the user interface. This kit consists of nifty tools that can enhance the appearance of a website including buttons, navigation bars, modals and the likes. Besides, this kit also lays the foundation for a strong layout with its superior quality grid system. With this kit, you get access to a plethora of themes that have already been created but can be completely customized as per your liking or the clients’ demands. You can also use the theme editor provided by jQuery to make your desired customization.

2.)   Yet Another UI v2:

This is user interface kit that looks ridiculously simple but is packed with some powerful features that can easily give any user interface kit a run for its money. Therefore, whether you work for a web design New York company or on your own terms, this user interface kit is likely to make things much easier for you. The current trend in terms of web designing is going minimalistic. However, Yet Anothor UI v2. provides a pleasant contrast to this trend by offering content in big and bold sizes that do not hurt the eyes in any way. Unlike most user interface kits, this kit lays more emphasis on the inputs that a user is likely to give as opposed to displaying massive content on the screen.

3.)   Almost Flat UI:

The Almost Flat UI uses the Foundation Framework and is essentially one of the easiest and most efficient user interface kits available. One of the greatest features about using this UI kit is the fact that you can completely eliminate the use of SASS and this makes the entire procedure less time consuming without essentially compromising on the functionality of the user interface kit. If you thought that this is all that Almost Flat UI kit offers, you need to mull over that again as this kit is also known for offering a plethora of widget tools ranging from breadcrumbs, tabs, alerts as also CSS panels.

4.)   Bootflat:

It goes without saying that flat design has gained an immense amount of popularity recently with more designers adopting and using this kit on a fairly large scale. It works on the Bootstrap framework and every feature that is essentially a part of Bootstrap is also available in this user interface kit. Besides, there is also a plethora of themes that are available that are designed specifically keeping the flat design trend in mind.


Author’s bio:

Caroline Drummer is a web developer and designer working with a company specialising in website design New York. She has been trained professionally in this field and also has a background in marketing. After working at a media company for over 7 years, she finally made the switch to web designing and has been working in this field for nearly 4 years.


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