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People are frugal, but at the same time, people are good and if you are like me who loves gifting, specially kids, and seeing the ultimate excitement on their face when he gets the thing he wished for, its like a kodak moment for everyone.

Instead of each one going with their frugality and purchasing small gifts, why not do this, everyone contributes and purchase the wishful item, it may even save some money, which could be used for something else.

Till now, what we tech savvies used to do is ping each other on whatsapp and facebook and converse to decide the gift and then one chosen person collects money from the social connections, in form of cash or net banking and then manages to place all the collected money properly into his account, and then he also needs to maintain how much was the actual expense and inform others.

Even though we are using technology, things aren’t that smooth, it does get hectic for the chosen person to collect, maintain and then go shop.

Using a bit of my internet savviness and searching for process smoothing solutions, in my case it was small fund raising for something in family, I came across this thing and created my own TippingBucket, its simple and sounds cute.

How it works?
  1. You sign up at
  2. Create a TippingBucket – this will be linked to your paypal account.
  3. Share across your social networks.

Now the people in your social connections who contribute to your bucket, become a part of your TippingCircle, the money gets accumulated in your paypal account, which you can easily get in your bank account if you need. But this resolves the issue of collecting in different formats and maintaining.

The above gifting part was just one example, but if you understand you can use the TippingBucket to collect funds from your social connections for some seriously critical moments.

  • If there’s some medical issue in the family.
  • If someone in the family needs help with school or college expenses.
  • You are falling short of money for some important deal and need soon.
You need to be a contributor as well

Understand one thing having a tipping circle doesn’t mean only requesting and collecting tips, you also need to give back. When someone else is in need, contribute the best you can, this is how you can build beautiful and strong relations with your close ones and the ones in your social networks.

You might not have a million friends, may be not even thousands and hundreds, but what ever you have make sure you stand by them and they stand by you when in times of need, that’s what a social network is meant for.

The person who dances with you in the rain will most likely walk with you in the storm. – Anonymous



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