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Broadcasters providing live streams to audiences often face the problem of monetization. Ideally, with an increase in traffic, monetization should also increase. However, Broadcasters and content providers desperately crave for a technology platform that can increase their revenues. Vidgyor founder, Mahaboob Khan, viewed this as an opportunity to build a platform that provides Mid-Roll Video Ads.

About Vidgyor and the Story behind it

A member of Tlabs accelerator batch 5, Vidgyor is a technology platform that provides Mid-Roll Video ads to Broadcasters and Content providers. It all began when a company where Mr. Khan previously worked at broadcasted a cricket match on the internet. The company failed to monetize the event despite a huge traffic. This lured Mr. Khan to create Vidgyor.

Vidgyor enables broadcasters and content distributors monetize live TV streams by inserting targeted mid-roll ads on any internet connected device, through their flagship product AdX. The startup offers variety of services for publishers such as live video editor, multi screen streaming, social sharing , live streaming and uploading and transcoding.

Journey so far

Vidgyor team started working on the product in July 2013. The Startup is currently in talks with a couple of Broadcasters. As for marketing, Mr. Khan believes that face to face interaction with relevant customers is the best option. He further adds, “We did validation of problem and scoped out the MVP before we build too much. We try to follow principles of The Lean Startup book by Eric Ries.”

Platforms such as Amagi provide Mid-Roll video ads on Television. Vidgyor does that on internet without interrupting the workflow of the Broadcaster. As for fellow Entrepreneurs, Mr. Khan says, “Being an entrepreneur is about creating enterprise value. Have that at back of your mind in every decision you make for your business.” He further explains, “First pick a problem. Then, Build an MVP and Pitch your vision. Just keep it simple.”

Two founders, both with a technical background, began Vidgyor back in July 2013. Hiring for Vidgyor has been a bit challenging. Before receiving a good traction, convincing people to join a Startup is quite difficult. Mr. Khan explains, “My advice is to start with core team which handles the vitals (product, sales & execution). Having said that, you should have the right guy for the right job at the right time.”

TTP’s Take

Vidgyor’s attempt to increase monetization for Broadcasters and Content providers is indeed praise worthy. That fact that Vidgyor provides its services without interrupting with the work flow of Broadcasters differentiates it from the competition. However, Clinching long-term deals with customers might turn out to be  challenging. We wish the Vidgyor Team all the very best!


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