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Voices raised by Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev for anti corruption in India has not been suppressed and will continue to engulf the corrupts. Power to vote is in the hand of the junta and in this limelight we have already seen Kejriwal outperforming his début election in Delhi few days back. BJP and Congress’ horns are very much hooked up and the heat was clearly shown in some states whereas it was an easy win for BJP in some states.

With a successful IT career from Columbia University, Vikram Nalagampalli decided to settle down in Bangalore. He noticed a peculiar Service Level Agreements from government and was eager to clear the 1-way communication between citizens and government. The story does not starts and end with Bangalore since this is a cause pointed on all areas of India. Vikram thought of opening 2-way communication between candidate and voter. This gave rise to, which enables the voter and the candidate to discover each other and engage in meaningful conversations. The website has gone berserk since it launch in mid November and Arvind Kejriwal has already uploaded his photo and video and is open to interact with you. In a tete-a-tete with Vikram he opened many facts and stats about VoteRite.

The Concept of Voterite

Voterite works on peer-peer influence where a friend can reach to some or all of his social connections. Since Voterite is an open platform, most party volunteers and supporters are very receptive and been actively using Voterite as a campaigning platform.

We launched Voterite election engagement on Nov 18 2013 and put it to test in Delhi Elections. Within the span of 15 days, there were about 1650 campaigners reaching out to over 78,000 voters in Delhi for AAP, BJP and Akali Dal. We have crossed over 18K registrants across India that can influence over 88lakh voters in India.
Phase 1: (Nov 2013 Launch):

India needs better leaders and Voterite’s vision is to fix the problem at the grass root level and we believe this can only happen by empowering citizens. 2014 is just the beginning of a very important milestone in political landscape. For the first time in India educated youth can alter the results in over 170 MP constituencies. Voterite is an attempt to talk the language of this youth leveraging social media and influence them to take active part in re-defining the way leaders are elected.

Phase 2 (April 2014 Launch):

“Bringing Accountability to Democracy” Even the great leaders need input to measure themselves. Voterite will be a platform that enables 2 way engagements between constituents and elected candidates and provide a means for Citizens to join hands and resolve their problems in the most efficient manner.

VoteRite currently only enables chat capabilities to notify voters when a party leader is online. The 2-way communication will be succesfully established when Vikram launches phase 2 of the project.

How to use VoteRite

1. Open the website

2. Click Search and search your desired name of the leader. Example: Narendra Modi

“Voterite allows you to connect all your social channels and thus help run campaigns irrespective of the social channel one is using.”


3. The website’s database will self search for Narendra Modi and the description of the leader shall come up.


In a nutshell, by using VoteRite you can

  1. Discover voter Friends
  2. Discover elections you and your friends can influence
  3. Campaign to your friends to vote for the candidate or party of your choice.
  4. Create petitions, campaigns for any cause (whether it is charity, social, political or environmental).
  5. Share your cause with millions of fellow constituents in your neighbourhood, city, constituency, state or country and seek their support.
  6. Submit your petition to appropriate authorities and get it resolved.

TTP’s take on VoteRite

The TV channels are slashing the Constituency by either supporting one party or another in debates. Under the black clouds of this thunder we the people are much less aware of those thousands of candidates present of which only handful of them are shown on television. VoteRite is a medium to connect to all those candidates, research on them and make an easy 2-way communication. If Aam Aadmi like Aravind Kejriwal signs in VoteRite why wont other candidates. Vikram has done a wonderful task and plans to introduce Constituency Sentiment Analysis as well as Social Media Influence Matrix in phase 2 for us as well as for candidates. We pray that everything goes well as planned in phase 2 and look forward to interact with all Netas.



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