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This WaterTech player aims to accelerate the adoption of AI-powered water solutions while minimizing plastic usage across corporate and hospitality segments.

Swajal, working on new and innovative technologies to make clean drinking water affordable, accessible and reliable, has launched WaterCube in India. Following the same, the leading WaterTech startup now aims to accelerate the adoption of AI-powered sustainable water solutions in the country while minimizing plastic usage.

Currently, enabling the corporate and hospitality segments to switch from plastic water to a more sustainable and healthier hydration solution, Swajal is deploying two variants of WaterCube/s, ‘S Series’ and ‘X Series’, across these sectors.

WaterCube is the only system in the world that can monitor each drop of water for quality and maximize the efficiency of purifier with AI-enabled technology

“Most workspaces as well as hotels in India currently rely on 20L plastic water jars for hydration. Our intention is to massively reduce this reliance on plastic that is not just damaging our environment, but we may be damaging our health by drinking microplastics,” said Dr. Vibha Tripathi, ex- IIT researcher and CEO of Swajal.

“This is only achievable by adopting environmentally conscious business practices. Thus, the introduction of WaterCube is a significant landmark initiative taken for a greener tomorrow. Simultaneously, it will help the hospitality industry to switch from plastic bottles to glass bottles as well as corporates to eliminate packaged drinking water,” she adds.

“WaterCube is the only system in the world that can monitor each drop of water for quality and maximize the efficiency of purifier with AI-enabled technology. We are happy to launch this smart hydration solution for next-generation workspaces as well as the hotels,” she also said.

How it Works

Swajal WaterCube has a proprietary IoT platform that monitors the quality of each drop of water in real-time. The IoT platform allows the system to be monitored remotely and maintain without downtime.

Further, its first-of-its-kind WaterTech platform “Clairvoyant” uses AI-enabled analytics that allows Swajal to manage all of its purification systems effectively. Further, Sawjal has an in-house DSIR accredited R&D lab based in Gurgaon, where it locally manufactures all its systems.

Swajal WaterCube

Swajal’s ‘S Series’ WaterCube/s are point-of-use water purifiers that are being installed across schools, hospitals, and corporates, etc. For the corporate sector, the WaterTech startup is working with multinational companies such as HCL, Genpact, Deloitte, BCG, Indian Oil, Agilent, etc.

X Series WaterCube, designed especially for the hospitality sector, are small systems that wash, sterilize, fill and seal glass water bottles. The intention is to help hotels discard the use of plastic bottles and easily switch to glass bottles, thereby delivering only high-quality, ultra-premium alkaline mineralized water. Swajal is working with premium hotel groups such as Andaz, JW Marriott, Conrad, Radisson, Le Meridien, Fern, Hyatt, to name a few.

About Swajal

Swajal is a water tech impact startup based out of Gurgaon. Swajal uses technology and innovation to develop a new generation of water technology that makes drinking water equitable and sustainable.

The company has an in-house R&D centre based in Gurgaon that is DSIR accredited. This R&D centre has already churned out over seven patents and design trademarks in water technology. Their R&D centre is led by ex IIT professor and researchers with a deep understanding of technology and science.


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