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Blogging for your small business

First generation entrepreneurs often start with small businesses which are largely based online. If the business picks up, then they might even establish a store to display their products or market their services. However, the main base of any small business today is built online and promoted using many online tools such as social media, RSS feeds and blogs. Small businesses often have limited options when it comes to marketing. That is why social media marketing and blogging can be the best tools to promote such a business as it is cheap, sometimes even free if you can do it yourself. Here, we shall exclusively talk about why blogging matters for your small business.

Here are a few facts and figures that will help you understand the importance of blogging for a small business.

  • 66% of business owners feel that blogging is critical for the survival and growth of their business.
  • Small companies with blogs gain close to 50% more visitors as compared to those without blogs.
  • It has been deemed that the traffic on a blog increases by 77% once the blog posts its 52nd post. This is one strong reason to keep blogging.
  • Companies with blogs have more indexed pages as compared to the ones without blogs. This increases the online visibility of the company, thus increasing sales.

Blogs are ready-made databases of millions and all you have to do is reach out to them with the help of good and engaging content. It is an easy portal through which your existing as well as potential consumers can reach you and gain information. They can follow you and you in turn can keep them updated about the latest happenings about the company. You can tell them about your new products, promotions or offers.

Blogging is also a good way of keeping things fresh. Even Google crawlers give preference to websites that provide fresh and unique content on a regular basis and blogging is a good way to do so. You can regularly update your blog with engaging content which will drive traffic to your site. Once the crawlers index your blog, the page ranking of your blog shoots up, placing it higher up on the list of search results. Think about it. When was the last time you went to the third page of Google search? Having your business placed on the first page pays.

Furthermore, if you decide to search engine optimize your website, its search engine rankings will increase even more. You can optimize the content on your blog with the help of an SEO company. With the help of an SEO expert, you can strategically place keywords in your content so that your content becomes easy to spot for Google crawlers. An SEO company can do that and much more for your blog. Increasing the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings of your blog can be highly beneficial for your small business.

Blogging helps smaller companies compete against larger and more established brands on even grounds. Also, because small businesses are usually startup businesses, a blog can also act as a platform through which people and potential employees can get an insight on the culture and nature of the business. It is an easy way of communicating regularly. Blogging will help you find employees who believe in the approach of your company and such employees are the best ones to hire as they can relate to your company. All these reasons are why small companies should create and maintain a blog. It has innumerable benefits and there is no reason to ignore it, considering the fact that it will boost your small business greatly.

About The Author

Jack is an SEO expert who works with a leading best SEO company. He specializes in blogs and has worked on the blogs of many small businesses. Also he writes for


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