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We’ve suddenly seen the birth of a lot of 7-inch tablets recently, more popularly called mini tablets and I can’t resist the temptation of buying one, especially the iPad mini.

I have a pretty decent phone I would say. I own a HTC Desire HD which will soon turn two years old. I love this phone especially the build quality. I think it’s hard to beat HTC on that. But now that we’re used to touch and voice interfaces and mobile software, we’re getting more demanding. We want easy access to the Web and our apps all the time, wherever we are.

As time progresses and as you get used to the whole touch interface and stuff, you tend to get tempted towards something bigger and better. The 10-inch tablets were a good introduction and surely it helps a lot of people who do not necessarily need a keyboard and mouse each day. But, for me, they were always a turn down because of the size again. They’re too heavy to be used one-handed, too big for reading in portrait view, ridiculous for photography, and so on. So, I never got tempted to get a tablet till these 7-inchers arrived.

Different Worlds

Different people have different requirements, like and dislikes which is why the market is filled with options. For me, I think a cellphone is a cellphone and cannot be merged with a tablet. Although there are many excellent 5-inch smartphones, like Samsung’s Note, in the market now and I am sure there is a good crowd of people who would want to have something in between a tablet and a cellphone so that they don’t have to carry two devices. True, I agree. But for me, I think the 7-inch tablets make a lot of sense and I’d want my cellphone to mostly take care of my calls and other telephonic requirements.

There is one downside though. Every time there is a social network notification, email, etc. both my phone and tablet would buzz. It’s easy to check the phone every not and then but what about the 7 or 8 inch mini tablet? That’s when I start thinking if it even makes sense to have both devices.

Well, I think there is a solution.

Smart Watch

Pebble Watch

If you have been a Kickstarter fan and following some insane projects there, then one such insanely funded project is that of the Pebble watch. The Pebble will start shipping to Kickstarter backers starting this January and this will bring yet another revolution to communications using devices.

So, if my watch can take care of the important notifications, calls and messages I’d have a mini tablet for the rest of the stuff like browsing, reading, etc. and get rid of the smartphone! I think I got a winning combination!

If I had a smart watch and a tablet, I wouldn’t need anything in my pocket at all. I know it might be weird making calls on a watch but I am sure there is great development coming up there as well.

Well, I think I have decided. But, if you still haven’t checked out the Pebble, do it right now. Here is a video for you:

[vimeo id=”40128933″ width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”]


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