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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is definitely worth a million. Today, online videos take up a major chunk of activities done online. There is more than 1 billion hours of daily videos being watched only on Youtube. Video is most definitely the future of online media and as time passes it will take over 90 percent of the web usage. Taking this into consideration, Wideoo, a startup from Argentina, aims to add more value to the entire online video creation and sharing ecosystem around the world.

So, what exactly is Wideoo?

Wideoo is a DIY animation video platform, but for everyone. This is what the team has to say about their product, “We put all of our hard hours in, to make it incredibly easy for you, me and even grandma to use. We have included animation tools and tips to make you the next Pixar animator…..or entitled Wideoo(er), to say the least.”

It is actually pretty damn easy. All you have to do is choose a template, insert objects, animate and share. Easy, right!

We got a chance to catch up with Agu, Co-Founder of Wideoo and this is what he had to say:

Q. I love the product you are creating. The first thing that comes to my mind is the name. How did that happen?

Actually Wideoo wasn’t the original name…it was idea2video, but we didn’t like it because it wasn’t possible to use it as a noun. Once when we were discussing with Agustín (the other co-founder) about how bad the name idea2video was, the name Wideoo came out, and as the URL was free, we took it!!

Q. Tell us a little about Wideoo and how you thought about making this product.

About two years ago, Agu was in need of an animated explanatory video that would highlight his company offerings on his website’s homepage. In order to achieve the style of video that he wanted, he realized he would either have to spend a ton of money or a great deal of time, to learn animated programs such as After Effects. From these frustrations of not being able to create a video simply and efficiently, he contacted Agus, an animation specialist and together, they created Wideoo.

Q. I understand startup team members play multiple roles. Tell us a little about the team and what each one does. Also, a little something about your background.

Right now there are 8 people helping on the project. Agustín is the Art Director and he is more in charge of the product. He is also a graphic designer. I am the CEO, I do a bit of everything. I am in charge of the rest of the things that are not the product itself like marketing, managing investors, recruiting, operations, etc. I am an industrial engineer as well.

Fede, he is the CTO and a great adviser. Maxi is the developer (we are looking for more developers!), Nora and Rachael do the Media & Social Media. Cacho gives me a big hand with the operations and Tadeo is in charge of the online marketing. So, that is our small team for now.

Q. From what I know you are offering this service for free right now. How are you planning to generate revenue?

The revenue model is freemium, people that pay will have extras like making there wideoos private. They will be able to download their Wideoos and some other things that are not defined yet.

Q. What is the Wideoo contest about and is it still open for participation?

The contest is getting our customers to share information about wideoo. All people have to do is sign up their email for beta-access, and then they will get an email with a specialized link. Since the links are specialized, we can keep track of who is sharing the most, and getting the most people to sign up for beta access. Whoever has the most shares, wins the iPhone! This will go on until September 30th. Only 4 days left!

Q. When do you plan to launch your product?

Our plan is to launch the beta in late October; we are working really hard to do so!

Q. You guys are from Argentina. How is the startup culture there? How was your experience at the Silicon Valley when you went for the TC Disrupt?

In Argentina the Startup culture is not a developed one as compared to SV, but this is changing because there are a lot of innovative entreprenuers who are starting to get a lot of attention.

Coming to the TC Dicrupt and especially to Silicon Valley helped us to begin the initial contact with the entire startup ecosystem and the investors. This was our first trip, and we want to go much more.

Here is a preview of what Wideoo does:

[vimeo id=”48763336″ width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”]

About The Founders

Agustin, or Agus, has a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Buenos Aires and has been designing, illustrating and making motion graphics for over a decade.  He has worked with top-tier companies such as Disney, Nickelodeon, and Gourmet, and a lot of his work can be seen here.  Agus spends his time with his wife and son watching movies, taking photographs, swimming and playing tennis.

Agu, is a serial entrepreneur with a Master’s in Entrepreneurial and Innovation Development from University of Salamanca.  He is the Co-Creator and Professor of EmprendING, a course on engineering entrepreneurialism, at the School of Engineering at the University of Buenos Aires.  Agu keeps busy as he co-founded other startups in Argentina, notably interSpanish, RoadHouse, and Road2Argentina.

Finally, it is Mr. Wideoo who looms about the Wideoo offices, always giving his own opinions and thoughts.  He can be a bit snarky, and sometimes downright rude, but he keeps everyone on their toes.


Agu, Agus and Mr. Wideoo

So, check out, the coolest place to make online videos. You can also take a shot at winning the iPhone!

We wish the entire team loads of luck and success.


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