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It’s tough being a rich and famous fashion mogul. You’ve seen the best of the world. You have exclusive access to private events. You have expensive tastes — as you should.

And then all of a sudden, Google hands you a fancy new toy.

That has been the case for famed designer Diane Von Furstenburg, who has been playing with Google Glass, the tech company’s wearable augmented reality glasses hardware. Von Furstenburg (or DVF, for short) used them to document her days in the lead up to New York Fashion Week, the premier runway event of the haute couture world, where designers the world round come to show off their new clothing lines.

DVF basically used Glass as a personal diary in the days leading up to her runway show, capturing the sights of Manhattan along with showing the hardware off to her suite of models. It’s also the first actual video that’s been shot using the glasses — unlike the highly criticized, completely produced promotional video that showed what Google imaginedGlass would be able to do someday.

What better way to upstage your fashion contemporaries, then, by slapping a pair of unreleased, unobtainable Glasses that just so happen to be color-coordinated with your entire new line? After meeting Sergey Brin at a conference, DVF thought it would be fah-bu-lous to include Glass in her own work. Brin was kind enough to loan her a number of pairs, complete with Google staff, who taught the models how to use the things.

The timing of all this was interesting, too. In allowing Glass to make some high-profile appearances this week (Wall Street Journal reporter Spencer E. Ante got to play with a set as well), Google could stay on the radar while Apple dominated the news. And if Google looked future-focused even as iPhone 5 was being nicked as an incremental step, well, all the better.

Check out the video below to see rich people playing with their new toys. Fashionably, of course.

[youtube id=”30Pjl31cyDY” width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”]

Via: All Things D


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