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This breathable air purifier and oxygen mask solution provides adjustable airflow and protection with a retrofitted mask, to allow users to rigorously train, play sports, and perform any other activities.

While going out without a mask isn’t an option anymore, even before the pandemic, polluted air in big cities have often forced people to opt for a mask, especially when exercising outdoors. Most face masks are only partially effective against pollution. They seal your nose and mouth, making it tough to breathe, and yet they don’t filter the air sufficiently.

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A lifestyle products company, Lyfy, has come up with SportsMask – a range of breathable face masks that allows users to exercise, play sports, train, and commute freely.

The product is a fan-powered, ventilating face mask that’s equipped with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter. The three-speed fan enables easy breathing by refreshing purified air. The HEPA filter claims to purify air by 99.97% PM2.5, hence protecting from germs, poisonous gases, smog, and smoke.


“The main attraction of our mask line is obviously the SportsMask. The oxygen tube that feeds into the KN95 mask gets a lot of people’s attention. Our first consumers were mainly frontline workers, delivery people, film crews, and dentists. We wanted to offer more simple breathable mask solutions, so we added FanMask and TrainingMask to our product line,” Stephanie Hicks, product designer, SportsMask, said in a statement.

“You can use our masks standalone or retrofit them as the reusable mask to connect to the SportsMask HEPA air filtration system. We’ve lowered the prices for all our masks on our Indiegogo campaign so that everyone could enjoy a breathable mask that fits their respective spending budget,” she adds.


The key features of SportsMask include an adjustable airflow oxygen tube mask that’s connected to a HEPA PM2.5 air filter. The tube is long and flexible so that a user can exercise and commute freely. The filter is replaceable, which makes it cost-effective.

A single charge can provides six-eight hours of the fastest fan level, and, 12 hours on a low level. The product comes with an armband strap, exercise lanyard, and a Velcro adhesive patch. Users can retrofit it to a reusable cloth or any other respiratory face mask.

Other Masks

Lyfy has designed two other face masks, which are simpler breathable mask solutions for training and exercise. For example, FanMask, a reusable fan-powered mask that filters air by 99.98% with a PM2.5 HEPA filter. It can also be retrofitted to SportsMask. FanMask comes with a motorized fan with two speeds, so that you can control the airflow according to how hard you are running, exercising, or training.

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Another cost-effective option is the TrainingMask. It has a comfortable design with a breathable fabric, nose-bridge, and adjustable ear-band that make it ideal for exercising and commuting. It can also be retrofitted to the SportsMask oxygen tube.

Crowdfunding Campaign

Lyfy’s core team comprises designers, engineers, and marketers, who are deeply concerned with declining air quality worldwide and its impact on human beings.

The makers have launched a crowdfunding campaign for its face masks at Indiegogo here. Lyfy is ready to ship SportsMask and FanMask as soon as the campaign ends. The company has already finished a sample production run for TrainingMask. It will be ready to ship TrainingMask two-three weeks after the campaign ends.


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