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While talking about the games that are meant to test your reflexes, I talked about one of the most famous running game, Temple Run. The game is really addictive and fun to play but only for first few weeks. After playing the game for one of two weeks, it becomes very repetitive and boring. At least, it’s what I think.

temple run 3 Android Running Games to Replace Temple Run

However, the idea of running and testing the reflexes is not what gets old. Thus today I am going to talk about three new running games that have the potential of replacing Temple Run on your droid. So let’s have a look.

Agent Dash

The first game in our list is Agent Dash and as a secret agent, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to destroy as many villainous bases as you can. As the game is meant to test your reflexes while the hero is running, all you need to do is maintain the correct lane and jump, slide and shoot smoothly where ever necessary.

agent dash 3 Android Running Games to Replace Temple Run

Just like in temple run, where you collected coins, where you will have to collect diamonds and unlock items and characters. The game is socio-active and you can share your score and challenge friends on Facebook.

Subway Surfers

Moving on to the next game, we have Subway Surfers in our list. In the game you have to surf on subway tracks or I must say over the subways and electric lines as well. The trick to survive in the game is to dash and dodge.

subway surfers 3 Android Running Games to Replace Temple Run

When compared to Temple Run, the game has stunning graphics and soothing game music. The colors in the game used are very vibrant and gives a joyful gameplay experience. However, as the game has HD graphics, users on entry level Android phones might have problem in playing.

Running Fred

Running Fred is the sequel to Falling Fred is not just a running game. The game gives you a feeling of Prince of Persia (you have to considerate while comparing) with wall runs, rope climb, blades and daggers coming out of the walls, etc.

running fred 3 Android Running Games to Replace Temple Run

Just like the aforementioned games, Running Fred too is great and graphics. However, one thing I must warn you about is that the games contains lots of blood splashes and other violent stuffs. I personally would not recommend the games to kids.


So that were three amazing running games you could try on your Android and replace Temple Run. If you have any personal recommendation you would like to make, don’t forget to drop a comment.


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