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Very few start-ups in the current scenarios focus on the women and children of the society. Only a handful of the preneurs strive to work for the empowerment of women and children of the present times and today we have compile a list of such start-ups which strive for excellence in the same field.

1) iFollow

i follow

The winner of Nasscom AppFrame award for ladies safety, the app enables an automatic voice call to a pre-entered high priority number and alerts them if the device is shaken 3 times within a span of 5 seconds. If due to unfavorable circumstances, the call cannot be received, the app sends a SMS to all your emergency contacts. Up-to 3 contacts can be added to the list of emergency contacts to be notified if you are ever encounter a dangerous situation.



2) Sentinel


Developed by mind-helix technologies, the app which has been optimized for the Apple iPhone 5 can send out alerts even when the phone has been destroyed by the attacker. It can send call, email and SMS alerts to multiple pre-configured numbers from our servers in an alert scenario. The alerts consist your last known location, time and direction of travel.




“Stipator” in latin means “the bodyguard”. True to its name this mobile app lets a commuter be tracked while on the road, posting the whereabouts at regular intervals on popular social networks. The posts are secured and are visible to only those whom the commuter has provided permissions to view.Apart from tracking the commuter, the app also has features like SOS and book a cab. The SOS feature allows the user to make a call, send an SMS and an email with a single click in case of an emergency situation. Currently available for only Windows Phones, it can be downloaded from here.


4)Panic Guard


A police preferred app and endorsed by the Association of Chief Police Officers, Panic Guard tracks you in real time even if the alert has not been activated. This is done so that the app can backtrack your movements and possibly find CCTV footage on your route for further evidence, if need be.As soon as the alert is activated, your current location and the route from the time of activation of PanicGuard is sent to your emergency contacts via SMS, email, Facebook and Twitter updates. PanicGuard also automatically starts recording video in secrecy.


5) Sakha Consulting Wings

With the rise in the criminal cases against women especially in India, it is quite known that India isn’t a place safe for women. Although many employers do provide private and secure cabs to their female employees after sun-down, a constant fear does present itself now and then in the heart of the women. So to prevent this, Sakha Consulting Wings empowers women drivers handpicked from the lower sections of the society. They are trained by Azad Foundation, the no-profit foundation of Sakha Consulting Wings and the driving training is provided by the Maruti Institute of Driving and Technology Research. The women drivers are also provided self defense training by Delhi Police and the Crime Against Women Cell. The cabs can be called in the Delhi  & NCR region currently by calling +91 9999193004


6) Guardly


Simply launching the Guardly safety app will transmit real-time GPS location and indoor location within buildings (for select enterprise customers), and provide two-way communication with private security, 911 authorities and safety groups. Guardly safety apps can be used alongside Safe Campus™ as well as our enterprise, building safety and public safety solutions to provide emergency dispatchers with enhanced situational awareness to make better and more informed decisions.

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