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Corruption is one of the biggest setbacks for any business in any country. In fact, it impacts a lot more than just businesses. But when we talk of India and how easy/difficult it is to start a business here, there is a common perception that, in order to run a successful business in India, you have to go through various government machinery and of course in some way or the other be part of corruption.

We understand the importance of small business in India, that they’ll be the driving force for the economy in the days to come, but ravaged by the thorns of corruption, which not every entrepreneur can handle  equally, the encouragement to start a business here in India is very low.

In what would be every Indian’s dream, in what Arvind Kejriwal or Anna Hazare were supposedly aiming at, whatever should be actually implemented is the step that has been taken by the National People’s Congress in Chinese government.

Actions definitely speak louder than words. After the annual budget announcement, it didn’t really seem to many the feasibility and practicality of the achievement of the reduction of inflation and a growth of economy as the figures given by our finance minister was not even acceptable momentarily. With the balancing act, the Indian government seemed to keep the budget more “balanced” than a call or a movement.

The Chinese government has taken the ultimate step of dissolving its railway ministry in order to increase the efficiency and deal with the corruption. They have been allegedly wasting the funds allocated by the government. The domain will now on be directly handled by the transport ministry.

The government has also looked into other ministries with a very interesting angle – multiple unnecessary layers of bureaucracy. If the Indian government’s layers of bureaucracy are mapped completely we might very much find many such dysfunctional, unnecessary layers. As more layers in a government simply means more ways for loss of funds allocated and lesser ways to penetrate into those layers, elimination might be simple yet the best way to tackle it.

If only India could also start taking such measures, not only would businesses benefit but so would so many common people.

A complete detailed view on the same can be found on the BBC website.


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