The Pandora iTunes App 5


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Mobile app developers nowadays seem to catch the love of the users for a specific thing.

Music has been universal since ages. The love for music stretches beyond boundaries and more global nowadays. Music lovers are no longer sticking to particular genres. For a music lover, the love started with the age of radio and today with the internet loaded with ginormous database of download-able music. Also with the advent of social media, music lovers are closer to building a global fraternity and share the love and passion for music.

The Pandora App’s biggest edge over any other music app is its ability to combine the above mentioned worlds – the music database and social media.

The Pandora iTunes App

The app can be logged into using an existing Pandora account. If one has already set preferences on the Pandora, the logging in would automatically show them. A first time user can start with indexing for favourite artists, songs, genres or composers and a “station” will be created with that as the preference. One can give a “thumbs-up” or a “thumbs-down” (similar to “like” in Facebook) for a song on the station. Also, if one doesn’t like a song, it can be “skipped”. This ‘voting’ process in time results to arriving at the selection of genres or a playlist of favorites.

Like any other simple radio app, this app fixes a station when a station is selected from the list. The app also connects to the Bluetooth for local sharing.  This app is free and can be downloaded from here  . It’s presently available on iTunes for free.

The app had several drawbacks with it crashing every time stations were added or removed from the list and several bugs. They have been successfully rectified now and the user can enjoy it freely.


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