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How do you come up with a name that resounds with your product or company? How do you come up with a name that captures all of the importance that is your business, company and the product? Looking into all the factors that go into starting a company and running, naming is surprisingly one of the most important aspects. The first impression of the company in the minds of the potential customers and employees forms right after hearing the name. A catchy, good and web-friendly name will take you far along in the world of your business.



What should come to mind of the people when they first hear the name of your company? It should definitely signify the kind of business you or doing or it should be catchy and be a “feel-good” name that resonates along with the people, which in turn will help them remember the company and make them recollect it faster.


The name shouldn’t be complicated. It should be easy to pronounce, easy to recollect and easy to understand. A complicated word, or  even a large word would confuse people and often, not necessarily drive them away. You wouldn’t want to explain what the word means or how is it pronounced or is it from another language or not. A catchy and easy-to-pronounce stays on the mind.


Write away all the words that sound catchy to you or the ones that make you feel nice and more or so have a connection with the kind of product you provide or the kind of business you run. Think about all the aspects of your company, all the products/ services it provides, convert them into nice short words and see if anything attracts you. Take time with each word. Use synonyms if you want.


Head over to the internet and search if the names you shortlisted are available or not. You can check them at , here you can also find some cool word combinations that can help you further along in the naming process. You can also find various abbreviations and words that can compliment your company and also give you great ideas regarding your name. Check out and to generate clever abbreviations and fictitious word according the list you have with you.

After you have shortlisted the prospective names to a certain 4-5, line them neatly along a new page, and brain-storm on the below –

Which name appeals to you?

Which name touches you emotionally?

Which name rolls of the tongue easily?

Which name is unique and stays on your mind for a long time?

Which name connects with your business?

Which name is available for sale on the internet? (Also Which fits your budget?)

Which name fits in a logo that will look good in the business card of your company?

Which name is preferred by your colleagues, friends, family and see to which ones do they respond in a positive manner?

After going through this list. Put the list down, come after the list after 4-5 days and see if the name that you selected is still the one for your company. If yes, well then Congratulations. You have found yourself a name that is perfect for you.

A few bad examples– If you want a lawsuit before even closing your first deal, please follow the patters of such names. Not only a big company name is used, but it is used in their business of data analytic.  Talk about roaring in the Lion’s den.

Qpro Infotech Ltd– Is it QuPro? Is it QueuePro? Such names will confuse the next person and an online search will return bad results.

Great examples – A great use of misspelled Kart and flip. The name FlipKart has become synonymous with e-commerce in India. A pioneer in e-commerce  along with a perfect name. Clear that a lot of thinking must have gone into this name.

TheTeabox –  A very common yet powerful name. A recent start-up, Teabox is in the business of shipping tea leaves across India. Never done before, it sure has kept the name simple and all about it’s business.

What do you consider before naming your startup? If any other techniques you have in mind, feel free to share them with us in the comments below.


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