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Mobile stories have been the in thing for a while now. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Snapchat, creating and consuming content is an activity favoured by the billions of daily users on these apps. What if you could create your own playables as easily as making a video?

GameCommerce, a US-based brand playables company, is launching a platform called Quest.AI, which private users and brands of any size can use to create playable experiences quickly and easily. The company claims that the comprehensive offering allows creators to make mobile playables, AR experiences, and interactive videos ten times faster. With their bespoke option, marketers only have to add their brand assets and design assets, and the platform will deliver a fully-functioning URL that is ready to use immediately.

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Nagesh Pobbathi, co-founder and CEO of GameCommerce, told The Tech Panda that the platform will be available globally. “We have customers in Asia Pacific, Europe, and South America, in addition to US/North America.”

In Asia, Pobbathi said, they already have customers in several markets, including China, Korea, and Australia. “With this launch, we’re expanding our operations and targeting markets like India, Japan, and Singapore,” he said.

Pobbathi believes Asia to be a potential market regarding their product. “We believe Asia is a huge opportunity for us for several reasons. Marketers there are eager and willing to expand their scope of creative solutions to help with their storytelling,” he said.

Brand marketers can use this intelligent web-based platform to create their unique stories to reach out to their customers on mobile. The platform turns a designer’s vision into launch-ready HTML5 content with little or no programming skills. The content can then be distributed as content modules or paid media within various apps or websites. There are also options for pre-approved templates or building from a scratch.

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Quest.AI saves a user substantial amount of work that normally goes into creating mobile experiences such as gestures, location, AR, and audio/video. Creating such sophisticated designs requires special skill-sets that are hard to find. Moreover, making such experiences work on all devices and operating systems by ensuring consistency in screen sizes, languages, and regions, and working in an error-free way, requires iterative development that takes time and investment.

“Creating mobile-first experiences is still very hard to do for most people,” said Pobbathi. “Using our Quest.AI platform, teams can build ten times faster with half the resources. We remove the drudgery from the development process by offering a content-creation platform that is easy to use, and that can launch at scale.”


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