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The product has been completed and you are ready to ship it out, but a wise end of your brain will always pinch to make you realize that no product is complete unless all the bugs have been fixed and all the holes are tightly closed.

You have your coders fueled up with red bull and caffeine, ready to hop in the moment a bug  is reported. But wouldn’t it be great if they could get a clear picture of the bug, the best would be, if they could receive something that would guide them on steps to reproduce the bug.

Similarly on other end, where your QA, beta testers and early adopters are tinkering on the application, it would be cool if they could grab a screenshot or record the steps to error and shoot it right across to your crew.

Puneet and Narendra fixing their own bugs and experiencing the pains of investigation, ended up creating BugClipper, which does more than just being a screen grabber.  Puneet is a Computer Science Engineer, having worked in IT for 5 years as a developer and Business Analyst before starting up. Narendra brings his extensive Tech expertise and 12 years of experience to the team.Read on to know what inspired Puneet Sharma to create BugClipper and his awesome advise for entrepreneurs!

Tell us the Story behind the Startup.

My entrepreneurial  journey started with BearShop – A price analytics tool that helps you buy gadgets online. While working on BearShop, we hired few freelance developers located remotely. QA testing was done at our end, and reporting bugs was becoming  frustrating day by day. We tried different tools, and finally decided to solve our own problem. We started building it as a weekend project and within a month’s time  we had a working prototype.

We gave it to the client and they were extremely happy with the results. This triggered our thought process and we saw an opportunity here, that was the time when our weekend project became a full time product and we called it BugClipper. We started pitching it to various companies and realized that the problem was even bigger for the mobile apps. We moved quick, partnered  with winjit technologies and launched the mobile SDK for iOS.

Currently, BugClipper is available as plug and play for web bug tracking systems, and also for iOS Apps.  Please tell us the noteworthy features of BugClipper.

The best thing about BugClipper is that it easily integrates with your own application and powers your app with the right tools to report bugs. You don’t need new apps or change your existing bug reporting systems, it just fits right in.

BugClipper lets you grab screenshots & annotate them on the fly from inside your app, this saves a lot of time for the testers. It also lets you record screencast with your voice, by just one tap. It creates a high resolution video capturing all your app activity and highlights all the screen taps. It’s a vast improvement over the traditional bug reporting process where, in the past a tester would collect screenshots or shoot videos to show the exact issue and sync all that to PC, ZIP it and send it to the developer.

There are hardly any ways to record screen in iPhone and iPads. BugClipper is light weight and is built with complete compliance to apple’s guidelines, developers can also use BugClipper to create demo videos for their app or get feedback from the users.

Definitely this product has huge potential, because it solves the real pain point involved in testing. How has been the response so far?

[pullquote align=”right”]I personally follow up with them to hear their experiences and suggestions, this very important and it helps us improve BugClipper[/pullquote].Response so far has been awesome. QA testers have been the most happy of them all, it’s making their life lot easier. We recently demoed BugClipper at Big Mobility Conference and people loved us. We are currently one of the startups incubated at the TiE IQ Bootcamp. We are in constant touch with app developers to get their feedback.  We have been receiving many requests for the Android version of BugClipper and quite a few for windows too.

What resources / support groups / Mentors have helped you in entrepreneurial journey so far? 

TiE Mumbai & The Rodinhoods community has been a great support. I have been an active member of the both and have met very good people through them. This support system has given me friends, mentors, platform and lots of learning.

What is your marketing strategy to get more people to know & use BugClipper?

We are closely working with app developers & free lancers. We are helping them test their apps, offering extended trial periods and getting people to use  BugClipper. We are very active in developer forums and app communities to make people aware about it. We’ve been pitching it to enterprises, app development companies and game studios.

What are the future plans for BugClipper? Any plans to introduce Android App Bug Testing?

Yes, we have planned BugClipper for Android too. We have already started working on it.

What is the one quality that an entrepreneur must possess in order to sustain the Startup grind?

“Ship fast, Meet users, Fix Things, Ship again.”

With time I have learned one thing – There is no final version of your product. You always have new and better features, ideas & designs popping up in your mind. Don’t wait for the perfect product, roll out what’s working and ask your users what they want.


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