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The biggest democracy in the world is having it’s Lok Sabha elections this summer and along with the temperature, the competition is not just between the candidates of various parties, various tech start-ups and mobile applications are vying the top spot for your attention to provide you the ultimate lowdown this summer for the Lok Sabha elections 2014. Spread across a month of polling days across various states and constituencies, the youth in the elections along with the social media will play a very crucial role in how the results shape up and who in the end will become the Prime Minister of India. We recently reviewed Saddahaq Powerplay app and definitely recommend it to every voter. Today, we has combined together a list of 5 Apps/Start-ups to entertain yourself in the polling season.


1) Indian Election


Official app by the Election commission of India, this app provides you with the details regarding the nearest polling booth from your location, helps you search your name in the electoral rolls, enroll your name as a voter, enroll your name as a NRI voter and also helps you to apply for correction if any discrepancies are there in your voter-id card.

2) India Elections

India elections- non EC

A complete guide to every political party that is contesting the elections across India can be found in this app. It provides detailed analysis of various leaders along with their parties contesting the elections, displays opinion polls on how the elections are swinging the fate of the parties, connects you to the social pages of the parties as well as their leaders so you can follow and know what are they upto. It also gives out the details and provides a medium for registering for your voter-card, a complete analysis of the two biggest wings of the Indian Political Scene i.e. NDA v/s UPA.

3) Indian election 2014 

Indian elections 2014

This app gives you the complete overview of the Indian elections starting from the birth of the Indian democracy in 1947 to the current elections in 2014. IT provides you with details of all  the 545 constituencies with siting MP details, virtual poll portal, very well orchestrated opinion polls, results of all the previous elections, how each party fared against their competition, details of all the Prime Ministers of India etc. It also provides you with the details of how the elections are organised by the Election Commission of India along with the model code of conduct which each party has to follow along with the links of social media profiles of every leader.

4) India Election 2014 – Next PM?

next pm

Check out the most controversial and famous articles ever-written about the Prime Ministerial candidates of the Indian Lok Sabha elections 2014. Ragning from the TIME magazine;s article on Narendra Modi to the reasons behind Mulayam Singh forming an alliance third time. Read it all here.

5) Voting Line

Voting Line

The Voting Line app enables the users to experience real time Voting trends across India and various Indian states. Users can analyze the current trends, scenarios , opinions and stands of the various political parties on various issues of the country.These reports can be viewed and analyzed by various verticals such as state wise, age wise, education wise,religion wise and so on. The information about the users and their voting opinions in voter profile stay confidential.

Apart from this, lot of gamification is happening around apps and one of the best apps we recommend is Kursi Cricket. This game counts every run as a vote, and has lot of positive feedback around it. Do give it a try.

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Did we miss any of your favorite election time apps? Give us a shout, we’ll add it to the list.


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