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Age is not a limit nor an exception to realize your true potential or the way you want to live your life. There are entrepreneurs who realize that they do not fit the cubicle job system at a later stage in their life and thus reverted to starting their businesses and then there are some who realized that the only way for them is to start their own business and be their own boss. Today, we have compiled a list of 5 Indian entrepreneurs under 20 and are their own boss.


1) King Siddharta

king sid

At the age of 19, King Siddharta who came from a backward sector in Northern India and his friends started organizing small competitions and events among teens. They earned by charging a little fee to gain entry into these competitions. Today Siddharta organises conferences called Createens that gives the young students an opportunity to learn about blogging, entrepreneurship etc. Also, he is now a speaker, author and a magazine publisher. He writes an e-magazine called Friendz for teens and also has written a book about spirituality and science and how they are connected. The book is called Bhagvad Gita & The Law of attraction.


2) Arjun Rai

arjun rai

Finding his entrepreneurship skills at the very early age of 7 by holding garage sales and selling stuff from his house and later selling the flower from the weddings, Arjun transformed into a COO of an online advertising firm pretty quickly. Still thristy, Arun now heads a brand new venture called Odyssey Ads which caters to the specific advertising needs of the 21st Century.


3) Farrhad Acidwalla


Starting at the age of 16 by borrowing 500 bucks from his father for buying a domain name and started building a web community particularly devoted to aviation and aero-modelling. After the website took off, he sold the community for a pretty high return. Today, he is the CEO of a web development, marketing, advertising and branding company called Rockstah Media. Despite being a very young company of 1 year, it has it’s own team of developers, marketers and designers across the globe.


4) Ankur Jain

ankur jain

Having the entrepreneurship skills in his genes, the son of Naveen Jain, founder of Infospace and Intellius, Ankir started his venture Starnium at the age of 12. Now, along with a group of his collegemates from Wharton, Ankur has started Kairos, a society for budding entrepreneurs still in college. They stand to empower the young pioneers who will push the world forward through entrepreneurship and innovation.


5) Shravan Kumaran and Sanjay Kumaran


Perhaps India’s youngest entrepreneurs, these 14 and 12 year old techie brothers are the founders of Go Dimensions, an app development unit they founded in 2011 in their home in Chennai. Over the years, they have developed eleven different apps that are available on the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store. THe apps have received more than 35,000+ downloads.  The two have given various presentations as IIM-B as well as at a TedX conference.

Know any inspiring entrepreneurs under 20? Let us know.


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