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IDEMIA, a French Mutinational, a leader in biometric identification systems, secure payments and civil identity solutions, has announced the launch of iCube, an innovation and incubation program in India. The Augmented Identity group will offer its expertise and technology to support and assist Indian startups that leverage Augmented Identity.

The group defines that Augmented Identity is of rising importance in today’s fast-changing digital environment, where identity has become an indispensable building block for making businesses and cities safer and smarter in a vast range of environments and usages including financial services, healthcare, education, food sustainability, smart cities, IoT, e-Governance, e-commerce, travel and mobility, telecom, defense and more.

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IDEMIA addresses these new challenges and needs with the launch of iCube, a program designed to assist and speed up startups and innovators in their product development and commercial roll-out.

Pierre Barrial, President and CEO at IDEMIA, stated: “IDEMIA has always been at the cutting edge of innovations in making the world a smarter and safer place. We are delighted to enable startups and developers to leverage the innovations we originally developed for corporations and governments across the globe. I am thrilled that the IDEMIA Innovation and Incubation program – iCube – is launched in India, one of our most vibrant markets globally. Not only do I look forward to help startups to succeed in India, but I am equally excited about taking some of their solutions to our customers across the world. I look forward to this mutually rewarding and exciting journey of co-creation.”

Sanjeev Shriya, MD IDEMIA India added, “Innovation is the core of IDEMIA’s identity. Over time, we have developed cutting edge solutions with a global impact in domains like Financial services, Citizen Identity, Telecom, IoT or M2M. Thus, we are delighted to announce the launch of iCube – the IDEMIA Innovation and Incubation program that will help build compelling solutions for a safer and better world. This program is designed to assist startups and innovators by providing them access to our expertise and technology. It aims to speed up their product development and help them get to market faster”.

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To further support developers and innovators, the company has opened its application program interfaces (APIs) and launched a credit program. In addition, their engineers and industry experts will share their insights and knowledge during several sessions and talks. iCube will also work closely with corporations in curating and co-creating solutions that may be mutually beneficial.

iCube may also provide selected startups with office space in their world class incubation facility located in Noida, India. iCube has already partnered with Lumis Partners Supply Chain Labs and Freshworks to reach out to a wider range of startups and support them in their journey.


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