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User Experience (UX) is the most important factor in making a product a success. Its the awesome UX that makes apple products stand out from the crowd and that’s what even microsoft is trying to achieve with its new windows 8 phones.

I have been an open source guy for the past 8 years, I started with Fedora for first couple years and then switched on to Ubuntu, and since then, growing up with it. But still, working on a mac gave a different experience, and then after a couple of days I would quit the mac and get back to my Ubuntu, as I was not able to use it completely. (Please note, the new Ubuntu versions, 12.04 and above have a great UI, I strongly recommend giving it a try.)

Similarly, I was highly excited when i purchased my first Android, still, getting my hands on the iPhone made me more excited, its only after I am done playing with its apps and all the features, I used to start comparing it with my Android and then realized, my Android has much better specs than the iPhone.

What I learned from this is, apple does’t sell specs, it sells experience, that’s what made it different and crush out the competition.

Its the same with Research-in-Motion, they had their own elite audience, but some recent server downs and OS lag issues, caused the blackberry’s downfall.

One more lesson to be learnt, along with a good UI, you need to make sure it functions well, without any errors.

Among the android phones, for me, htc stands out from the rest, I know there’s already a lot of buzz about the battery issues. But if you recollect, even before Android and iPhone made it in the market, in the old Symbian days, HTC had a class of its own.

Now, every phone manufacturer tries to get the best in aesthetics, its like every one is trying to compete and beat the iPhone. That’s not going to help. To get ahead in the race, they’ll have to move out of the race and think different, and after a long time htc seems to make a great comeback with its droid dna and google also seems to have got something awesome out, the google nexus.

One uniqueness I found in HTC phones, is the rear end plastic is soft touch, which gives a feel good thing, and the audio is by beats, one of the best, i have heard after a long time.

I have not yet got my hands on the Google nexus, just curiously waiting.

We don’t know who’s gonna stand out, but for everyone, from phone manufacturers to app makers, the turf is tough. the question is, who’s getting the UX right?

Photo Source: Samer Hassan89


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